Distribution: All Active Volunteers
Congratulations to SCORE Canton, the 2016 Chapter of the Year!
"Finishing in the Top 5 for last year's Chapter of the Year seemingly only made SCORE Canton more determined to improve. That culture of continuous improvement and growth helped them to win this year. Canton's win is not just a one year performance. Over the past three years, Canton has increased their total client services by almost 2.5 times (totaling nearly 2,000 total services). Considering that Canton's population is under 73,000, the nearly 40 volunteers that helped their community start 169 new businesses and create 324 new jobs is extremely impressive. SCORE Canton is a perfect example of how SCORE can change people's lives and positively impact their local community."

- Steve Records, Vice President of Field Operations 
By The Numbers...
  • Volunteer Engagement Index of 4.63
  • NPS of 80.77
  • Client Engagement Index of 4.26, an increase from 4.02
  • Total services increased by 59%
  • 92% increase in number of workshops & 91% increase in workshop attendees
  • Achieved a platinum rating
Best Practices & Partnerships
  • Focused on "Volunteers Matter"
    • Strengthened recruiting, onboarding, and retention processes
    • Resulted in recruitment of 10 new volunteers this year
    • Encouraged new recruits to take on leadership roles
    • Held "no business" socials at local restaurants
  • Emphasized volunteer education
    • Included outside speakers at chapter meetings
    • Conducted bi-monthly counselors' roundtable discussions
  • Expanded marketing tactics
    • Created a "Community Outreach" volunteer role
    • Partnered with SCORE's National Partners for workshops and events
    • Actively sought out and took advantage of speaking engagements
    • Built relationships with local Chambers, Universities, and SBDCs
  • Prioritized client engagement
    • Used CORE tools including "Clients Not Yet Counseled" list to ensure prompt contact of clients
    • Utilized team counseling to provide client with different perspectives
    • Scheduled follow up appointments with clients at the end of each session
    • Hosted annual Client Recognition Luncheon in conjunction with the SBDC
  • Explored different ways to serve clients
    • Began to utilize Skype to supplement email counseling
    • Responded to community requests for specific workshop topics including grant writing and cash management
    • Committed to "being there" for their clients, not bound by 9 to 5
    • Held mentoring at locations and times convenient to the client
  • Ran their chapter like a business
    • Developed annual business plan, budget, and Chapter goals
    • Shared these with the chapter membership
    • Discussed progress on the goals at each Chapter meeting