2015 Chapter of the Year 
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Congratulations to SCORE 2015 Chapter of the Year!

"Chester and Delaware County is the model SCORE chapter for how we operate today. They are actively engaged in all facets of their community; partnering with any organization that help further SCORE's mission. They are never content with the status quo. They have had a succession of strong leadership, all working to continue to build upon their successes in a sustainable manner. Most impressively, they have 'exported' their culture, processes, and people to assist other chapters -helping them become more successful- to further our mission in their district and beyond."

- Steve Records,Vice President of Field Operations 
Chester County
  Sustaining excellence through innovation and engagement
By The Numbers...
  • 112% increase in membership (since 2009)
  • 206% increase in total services (since 2009)
  • 173% increase in workshop attendance (since 2009)
  • 33% diversity in chapter membership
  • Achieved a platinum rating 2 years in a row

Best Practices & Partnerships

  • Focuses on clients first
    • Mentoring at 8 locations including nights and Saturdays
    • Provides business education seminars "anytime, anyplace"
    • Embraces email mentoring
    • Established business roundtables and advisory boards
    • Developed an entrepreneur workshop geared towards Hispanic clients
  • Developed an Ambassador program in order to carry and sustain SCORE's message to the community 
    • Each partner, sponsor, and targeted business is assigned an ambassador to ensure a steady flow of updates including workshops, roundtables, and new counseling locations
  • Established a new governance structure consisting of 21 members to achieve and sustain growth
    • 3 member Chairman's office
    • An Auditor, a Chief Counsel, and a Long-Range Strategy leader
    • Features upcoming events and success stories
  • 4-step orientation process to integrate new volunteers into the culture of the organization
    • Step 1: One hour interview
    • Step 2: 2 hour welcome session & completion of training modules
    • Step 3: Assigned a mentor to gauge their progress
    • Step 4: Executive Committee vote to move to 'active' status
  • Utilizes Constant Contact to market their services within the community
    • Features upcoming events and success stories
  • Launched a coordinated effort, in 2008, to increase awareness of SCORE though catalyzing member engagement
  • Publishes an Annual Report to generate buzz in the community; distributed to potential clients, volunteers, and partners