Ice Cubed: An Inquiry into the Aesthetics, History, and Science of Ice
Dawn of the Anthropocene Time Lapse
Dawn of the Anthropocene Time Lapse by LigoranoReese

LOCATION:  Broadway and W 116th Street (at Columbia's gates)

Please join CALL/ City as Living Lab for a WALK with artist Marshall Reese and anthropologist Ben Orlove, who will reveal geological traces and disappearances in the neighborhood of Columbia University's Heyman Center. This CALL WALK will be presented for Ice Cubed: An Inquiry into the Aesthetics, History, and Science of Ice, a two day conference hosted by the Heyman Center.

Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese have collaborated together as the artistic duo LigoranoReese since the early 1980s.  Their work is an ongoing investigation into the impact of technology on society and the rhetoric of politics and visual culture in the media.  LigoranoReese's body of work is multidisciplinary and includes limited edition multiples, videos, sculptures and installations which involve a range of unusual materials and industrial processes.

Benjamin Orlove, an anthropologist, has conducted field work in the Peruvian Andes since the 1970s and also carried out research in East Africa, the Italian Alps, and Aboriginal Australia. His early work focused on agriculture, fisheries and rangelands. More recently he has studied climate change and glacier retreat, with an emphasis on water, natural hazards and the loss of iconic landscapes. In addition to his numerous academic articles and books, his publications include a memoir and a book of travel writing. 

This CALL WALK is in partnership with Columbia University's Society of Fellows

$25 will help support community participation.  
$100 will support an artist/scientist WALK.
$500 will contribute to the Fall WORKSHOP.

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