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Walk through Pruitt-Igoe, Marfa Dialogues/ St.Louis, Aug., 2014.
Marfa Dialogues/ St. Louis
Featured Artist- Eve Mosher
CaLL WALKS: Marfa Dialogues, St. Louis
Along the WALK to Grand Center

August 2, 2014 - CALL co-organized a three-part WALK for Marfa Dialogues/St. Louis (MD/STL) which started at the controversial 30-acre former public housing site, Pruitt-Igoe, demolished 40 years ago. The site has since lain fallow in a poor neighborhood of St. Louis. From Pruitt-Igoe the WALK continued down blocks with many abandoned homes, adjacent to others undergoing new housing construction, past urban farms, and ended in Grand Center - a cultural hub in St. Louis that still struggles from the consequences of de-population.

Read the story by Robert Duffy, St. Louis Public Radio


Participants included: artist Bob Hansman, poet MK Stallings, plant biologist George Yatskievych, architect Tyler Meyr, environmentalist and public policy activist Lorin Crandall, architects Axi:Ome (Sung Ho Kim and Heather Woofter), and plant morphologist Dan Chitwood.


Featured ArtistEve Mosher Presents High Water Line

CaLL is pleased to highlight the endeavors of associated artists.

Eve Mosher, who conducted a CaLL/ WALK and Open Engagement workshop with Mary Miss, is currently collaborating with Heidi Quante of Creative Catalysts to present High Water Line , Avon Mouth, Bristol (England). 

High Water Line combines interactive and performative art as a means to engage residents of regions vulnerable to flooding. The project aims to help communities learn about flood risks, tell stories to the wider region, and investigate creative solutions to build climate resilience. Mosher and Quante have been working with local organizer Isobel Tarr to create a coalition of local participants who have been convening since January to help produce the project.

This September participants will use a sports field marker to draw a blue line over 35 miles of streets and sidewalks as an indicator of areas that are at great risk of more frequent flooding due to increased and intensified rainfall and sea level rise induced by climate change. After the line has been drawn, participants will work closely with artists from around the region to collaborate on creative interventions that continue to build local climate resilience. Mosher and Quante are in conversation with other communities about initiating their own High Water Line project and advancing art-based community interventions to address climate change.

Two Degrees Celsius Campaign and
People's Climate March 
Call is forwarding two opportunities to advocate for measure to mitigate climate change:

1. You can sign onto the Campaign For 2 Degrees Celsius Limit
The 2 Degrees Campaign organizers state: Human-induced climate change is an issue beyond politics. It transcends parties, nations, and even generations.

2. You can also spread the word and participate in the NYC People's Climate March Sunday, September 21, 2014- New York City
People's Climate March - Sept. 21st
People's Climate March - Sept. 21st
World leaders are coming to New York City for a UN summit on the climate crisis. UN Secretary­ General Ban Ki-­Moon is urging governments to support an ambitious global agreement to dramatically reduce global warming pollution.

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