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 Whole grains make you live longer!       


January is Fiber Focus Month and Silver Palate is happy to announce that an uplifting and inspiring Harvard School of Public Health study was published this month highlighting the gigantic advantage of eating whole grains, especially bran, in lowering overall mortality rates by 9%.   



"Swapping just one serving o
f refined grains or red meat per day with one serving of whole grains was linked with lower cardiovascular-related mortality: 8% lower mortality for swapping out refined grains and 20% lower mortality for swapping out red meat."

Enjoy these benefits by swapping any refined grains or red meat with Silver Palate Thick & Rough Cut Oatmeal, and any of our Grain Berry products, especially Grain Berry Bran Flakes! 




  New Silver Palate Pasta Sauce: Marinara Oreganata™    

The Silver Palate will be introducing a new variety of pasta sauce called, Marinara Oreganata.  


Its theme will be "An Italian Opera in a Jar!"   


The TV execution of "An Italian Opera in a Jar," will feature the music from The Marriage of Figaro. When the lid is opened, you will hear the baritone sing:  "Figaro! Figaro! Figaro! which will abruptly stop as the lid is re-closed.  


More importantly, the Marinara Oreganata brings a whole new taste to pasta and dinner sauce with 8 great tomatoes in every jar, laced with natural oregano spicing grown in Italy.


Also grown in Italy are our San Marzano tomatoes and Extra Virgin Olive Oil with no paste and no sugar added.  


Hurry-up Marinara Oreganata! Hurry please! 



 Grain Berry Remarkable Healthy Sorghum to launch in 2015.    

Grain Berry offers its deep appreciation to Dr. William Rooney, Professor and Plant Breeding Scientist at Texas A&M University for developing a new sorghum hybrid we call "Heart Grains" Onyx Sorghum.  


Heart Grains is a 100% natural grain, grown in the unique arid soils of West Texas and Western Kansas and requires a lot less water than most grains.  


Silver Palate will be using Heart Grains Onyx in cereals, mixes, pasta and by itself as a flour to add to other foods to enhance fiber and a full-spectrum of antioxidants to neutralize many free radicals that can damage our cells and DNA.  


In addition, Heart Grains Onyx is believed to help extend life as a whole grain with powerful bioactive activity that digests slowly in the gut which is especially useful for obesity, diabetes and many other health issues. Silver Palate calls it "the slow grain".



 Silver Palate Thick & Rough Oatmeal Announced on TV in January   

No oatmeal can do what Silver Palate Oats can do - not even one.  




Silver Palate takes great pride in its oatmeal because it does such great things for you and your family. We start with a thicker and heartier oat, grown in the cool growing soils of Canada where it develops remarkable levels of protein.  


In addition, Silver Palate toasts this high protein grain TWICE. Not only double toasting but toasted in massive granola ovens which adds to the flavor and hearty texture that is so unique to Silver Palate Thick & Rough Oatmeal.  


In additon to the positive benefits, this great oatmeal avoids the negative with no sugar and no salt added.  


We recommend you eat it plain or add your own fresh fruits to enhance the taste and nutrition experience.  


No artificial ingredients and no preservatives. In fact, nothing but extra thick Canadian oats.  


A Silver Palate Oatmeal breakfast lasts a good part of your day with whole grain nutrition.  


Celebrate National Oatmeal Month with a nice, steaming tasty bowl of Silver Palate Oatmeal today!  



New Grain Berry Blog!   


Grain Berry has a brand-new blog that will be the home for fresh and exciting content on Grain Berry products, health benefits, and other recommendations and information about healthy lifestyle choices and practices. Check out for new initiatives, updates, and tips in 2015!   



Where to Buy Grain Berry and Silver Palate Products?  


We are adding more and more retail stores to broaden the supply of our Grain Berry products. Until we are in every store, however, you can order online at our website. 


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