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GreenCircle Looks Ahead to the 
New Opportunities of 2016
Friends in the Philadelphia Area - You're Invited!
GreenCircle and our sister company, Sustainable Solutions Corporation, are bringing back Green Drinks, an after-work networking opportunity for anyone in the Philadelphia area to get together and talk about all things sustainability! if you're in the area, save the date and sign up here. Email AshLee Eustace at for any questions.

When: February 18, 5pm - 8pm EST
Where: Fox & Hound, 
King of Prussia, PA
Don't Miss This Webinar!
Next month, GreenCircle's Tad Radzinski will be hosting a webinar entitled Supply Chain Integration: Training, Sales, and Marketing. This webinar will show you how to utilize your sustainable supply chain in employee sales training, as well as how to leverage a strong, sustainable supply chain in the green marketplace. If you have taken the steps to improve your supply chain - why stop there?

Supply Chain Integration: 
Training, Sales, and Marketing
February 11, 12:00 PM EST
Register here.
Next Up: GreenCircle Quarterly Magazine
This year, GreenCircle will be trading out our bi-monthly newsletters for a quarterly magazine. This magazine will be more in depth, showcase our clients' successes in detail, and explore the major trends, highlights, and market drivers in the green marketplace! We look forward to sharing this new concept with you as the new year continues.
Congratulations to AshLee, Annie, and Lisa on Five Years with GreenCircle Certified!

In December, three GreenCircle employees celebrated their five-year anniversaries! Congratulations to Annie Bevan, Certification and Operations Manager; AshLee Eustace, Sales and Marketing Coordinator; and Lisa Maco, Bookkeeper, on five great years with our company.
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GreenCircle's Valued Clients - 
Who are they?
As 2016 starts out, we are looking back on the successes of 2015 and the many companies with which we had the pleasure of working. At the close of 2015, GreenCircle formally certified over 50 international organizations, with a range of over 30 different product categories. From manufacturers of trimboards, to cleaning products, to card printers, we congratulate each of our clients on their many accomplishments and certifications, and we look forward to what 2016 has in store!
Energy Savings, and Waste Diversion, and Multi-Attribute, Oh, my! - GreenCircle Client Successes
HID Global Corporation has achieved Certified Energy Savings certification of their Card Printer products! HID's C50 DTC, DTC1250e, DTC4250e, DTC4500e Card Printers, and the DTC5500LMX Card Printer and Laminator have been certified for 69, 53, 57, 57, and 66 percent energy savings, respectively.
Meaning, as compared to the standard product within this category, the HID Card Printers will save an organization up to 69 percent in energy usage. These savings were calculated based on a 24-hour period, including printer startup, and takes into account the typical use for an average workday, compared to a similar product currently in the marketplace. Congratulations to HID - GreenCircle looks forward to seeing how their product continues to evolve and innovate in the future and sharing the good news!

Malarkey Roofing Products has certified three facilities for Waste Diversion from Landfill! Malarkey certified their Portland, Oregon; South Gate, California; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma facilities for 94, 92, and 90 percent waste diversion from landfill, respectively. Malarkey achieved these numbers through a combination of on-site recycling, reuse of raw materials, and a company-wide emphasis on sustainability and community. Malarkey has plans for additional GreenCircle certifications in the future, and we look forward to continuing to certify their green achievements and impact reduction!

Mechline Developments achieved a Certified Environmental Facts case study label for their Waste2GO Food Waste Biodigester W20.400 Serial #3105. A unique GreenCircle client, Mechline completed an audit process for a case study of the product at Rider University in Lawrence Township, NJ. Within this case study assessment, GreenCircle validated the Waste2GO Food Waste Biodigester digests up to 400 pounds of organic food waste to waste water within a 24-hour period - perfect for a university cafeteria. GreenCircle additionally verified that, through the digestion of these food waste materials, the use of this machine diverts these organics from the landfill, eliminating the energy associated with trucks hauling food waste. This, in turn, resulted in a 39% carbon footprint reduction as compared to the landfill alternative. Click here for full case study label.

Check out all of these certifications, and more, on GreenCircle's Certified Product Database!
Trend Watch: Supply Chain Sustainability 
In 2015, GreenCircle saw that the supply chain was consistently
on the mind of our clients. Companies looking to reduce their 
impact cannot ignore the emissions, chemicals, health impact, and potential human rights concerns that are associated with an extensive supply chain. Major organizations are taking dramatic steps to investigate their supply chains, ensure they are complying with guidelines and regulations, and validate that the values and ethics 
of their suppliers match that of their own organization. Modern and increasingly popular tools such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Health Product Declarations (HPDs), and third-party certification require companies to dive into their supply chain and investigate potential impacts - it is key to demonstrating transparency and ensuring compliance with regulations such as REACH, RoHS, California Proposition 65, and the Dodd Frank Act objectives. GreenCircle's Supply Chain Management Audits verify that your suppliers are compliant with your organization's initiatives and sustainability goals.

Want to learn how to streamline and strengthen your supply chain? Consider GreenCircle Certification Officer, Tad Radzinski's, annual seminar - Strengthening the Links in Your Supply Chain: "The Biggest Risk of All is Doing Nothing!"

Newly Released - Posts from Our Expert Analysts
This month, GreenCircle Certification Analyst, Natalie Walker, posted an article on why recycling continues to be critical to our national sustainability efforts - Five Reasons in Defense of Recycling: Why Waste Diversion is Essential to a Circular Economy. In the article, Natalie examines common criticisms of recycling, and why, in a circular economy, an emphasis on recycling offers crucial benefits to not only our environment, but to business and the economy, community development, and the health and safety of our public.

After you read Natalie's post, don't miss these two articles from 2015:

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