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Meet GreenCircle's Newest Certification Analyst, Danielle Verna

Due to continued growth and demand for trusted transparency, GreenCircle has continued to expand. As our client base continues to grow, we recently brought Danielle Verna on to our qualified team of certification experts. Danielle has a master's degree in Sustainable Engineering from Villanova University and will be working directly on conducting various GreenCircle certifications. GreenCircle strives to offer the highest quality certification services to our clients, so we hire the highest quality employees. We welcome Danielle to our team!

GreenCircle Certifications Offered:

Certified Energy Savings


Carbon Footprint Reduction


Closed Loop Product


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Optimized


Recyclable Material


Recycled Content


Renewable Energy Use


Renewable Resource Content 


Sustainable Biodiesel Certification


Sustainable Manufacturing Operations


Waste Diversion from Landfill 


Certified Environmental Facts  



Health Product Declaration Verification

Building a Stronger Brand with GreenCircle Certification


Companies are looking to build brands that will stand out in the market and create lasting value. Core to this endeavor is furthering brand recognition. Third-party certification sets you apart from the competition and provides a catalyst for communicating sustainability to customers. GreenCircle understands the need for sustainable growth, and we help our clients strengthen their brand in their respective industries. 


GreenCircle has quickly gained momentum and is recognized by trade organizations, green building codes, and international standards as a top tier third-party certification. Having your products reviewed to our rigorous standards demonstrates your commitment to transparency and advances your role as an industry leader. As GreenCircle enters new markets and creates new partnerships and affiliations, our reach and impact grows.


After obtaining GreenCircle certification, clients are listed in our public database and featured on our website. Our database is used as a tool for architects, designers, sustainability professionals, and other prospective customers to quickly identify and assess sustainable products. The increased exposure clients gain from our joint promotion and certificate downloads significantly benefits their brands and helps sell their products. In 2013 alone, some clients' certificates were downloaded from our database over 4,000 times!


Certification creates a partnership in which we collectively grow our brands. If you are interested in learning more about the value that GreenCircle Certification can bring to your brand, contact AshLee Eustace at or 610-569-1045 today. 


If you have already received certification, make sure you are getting the most out of promoting your achievements. Contact us to discuss joint marketing opportunities. 

Verification - Key to an HPD Strategy


Many large architecture firms continue to request Health Product Declarations (HPDs) from building product manufacturers, driving the market to material transparency. HPDs disclose the potential chemical concerns of products against various "hazard" lists in accordance with the Health Product Declaration Standard. In response to manufacturer demand, third-party verification has become a critical tool in an HPD strategy. 


GreenCircle is currently assisting in the development of a system to verify that HPDs have been completed thoroughly, correctly, and in conjunction with the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) Standard. To ensure accurate disclosure, GreenCircle will use in-house expertise to verify your completed HPD for technical accuracy against guidelines established by the HPDC.


Benefits of HPD Verification:


  • Transparency: HPDs, by their nature, demonstrate a manufacturer's commitment to transparency; however, third-party verified HPDs provide trusted transparency through impartial review and disclosure.
  • Assurance: A third-party review of an HPD ensures accuracy of material claims and conformance with established standards. Architects, designers, and consumers can be confident that GreenCircle verified HPDs meet the strict demands of the open standard, provide accurate and complete data, and meet applicable credits within LEED v4 and other green building standards.
  • Brand Recognition: Third-party verification positions your brand in the green building marketplace and differentiates you from the competition. GreenCircle certification further communicates your commitment to transparency and responsible material reporting. 


Register for our upcoming webinar to learn more about  
HPDs and your business strategy.


Title: HPD 101 - A Crash Course in Health Product Declarations

Date: Thursday June 26, at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern)

Duration: 1 hour


Annie Bevan, GreenCircle Certified

Jim Mellentine, Sustainable Solutions Corporation


Sustainable Solutions Corporation and GreenCircle Certified, LLC will present unique industry experts' perspectives on HPDs. You will benefit by learning: how to create an HPD, how to use HPDs in your sales strategy, the challenges and value of material content disclosure, and the HPD verification process. Register for this complimentary webinar and become your company's HPD hero!