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Today's Evolving Market

New Certification Announcement: Certified Energy Savings

Buildings are responsible for nearly 40% of the total energy consumption in the United States. Rising energy costs and associated environmental impacts from electricity usage are driving the market for energy efficient products. In response to this demand, GreenCircle has developed its Certified Energy Savings (CES) certification to document that an independent evaluation of the product's energy savings has been conducted and that the product does, in fact, save a percentage of electricity as compared to a standard use product. By obtaining a CES certification, building owners and consumers alike can be assured that these products will save energy, and ultimately, reduce their utility costs. Contact AshLee Klingman, for more information about CES, GreenCircle's newest certification.

Client Highlight:

Nomaco Insulation

Nomaco Insulation, a leader in residential pipe insulation, has been awarded GreenCircle Certification for manufacturing its self-seal and semi-slit insulation products using recycled resin. Nomaco's certified products include: Nomalock®, Ecoshield®, Imcolock®, Econotherm®, and therma-cel®. With the third- party verification that GreenCircle certification provides, Nomaco Insulation will now take the next step and apply for the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Certified Product program through Home Innovation Research Labs. Third-party certification is required in order to get products listed as NGBS Green Certified for recycled content and bio-based material by Home Innovation Research Labs. A product certified for recycled content by GreenCircle qualifies for review and certification as an NGBS Green Certified Product under both the 2008 and 2012 versions of the National Green Building Standard. Click here to read the full release.

GreenCircle Certifications Offered:

Carbon Footprint Reduction


Closed Loop Product


Certified Energy Savings


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Optimized


Recyclable Material


Recycled Content


Renewable Energy Use


Renewable Resource Content 


Sustainable Biodiesel Certification


Sustainable Manufacturing Operations


Waste Diversion from Landfill 


Certified Environmental Facts  


New Year, New Strategy - Positioning Your Brand with Third-Party Certification


Looking forward to the year ahead, GreenCircle believes 2014 will be very promising for the sustainable marketplace and is excited to be at the industry forefront. Following strong forward movement in 2013, consumer demand for corporate responsibility continues to gain momentum; and regulations and supply chain requirements are driving the industry toward increased transparency. In order to remain competitive in the years to come, many companies are reevaluating their brand positioning in an evolving market. To help guide you through and prepare for the emerging industry changes and market trends for the upcoming year, Annie Bevan, our Certification and Operations Manager, has released her most recent white paper, Emerging Market Developments in 2014: Success Through Sustainability.
Detailed in the white paper are six of the critical market developments that will shape the business environment in 2014. With resounding themes, these trends are interconnected, and a strong understanding will allow companies to capitalize on them. Staying ahead of the following market impacts will enable forward-thinking organizations to stand out from the competition and capture market share:
  • Traction in Total Transparency 
  • Waste Diversion at the Forefront
  • Material Content Matters 
  • Relinquished Manufacturer Resistance Will Prompt Higher Quality from Certifiers 
  • Procurement Policies Driving Demand for Sustainability
  • The Final Link: Supply Chain Assessments

TEDx Talk - Closing the Loop: Manufacturing a Viable Future


Tad Radzinski, Certification Officer for GreenCircle, presented a TEDx Talk through Villanova University on November 22nd. TED Talks are a series of prepared presentations focused on "ideas worth spreading" and are designed to stimulate inspiration and learning and to incite growth. Tad's recent TEDx Talk examined the problems with our current manufacturing and economic system. It was developed to inspire and demonstrate the value of a closed-loop system in addressing rising concerns of population growth, consumption explosion, and resource scarcity.


The video of this TEDx Talk was recently released, and can be viewed here!



GreenCircle Actively Developing
Sustainable Purchasing Standards

Tad Radzinski, GreenCircle's Certification Officer, has been named to the Principles Technical Advisory Group of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC). The SPLC was developed to address the lack of standardization in how sustainable purchasing is defined, guided, measured, and rewarded. GreenCircle and the Council's members will leverage the power of procurement to lead the sustainability transformation of our economy. Utilizing GreenCircle's expertise in sustainable purchasing, Tad joins a group of industry experts charged with developing the Principles for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing. These Principles will guide organizations in responsible purchasing and set long-term leadership targets for the industry. Read the full article here. 

Upcoming Seminars:

Corporate Responsibility Revolution - Strategy to Success


Date: May 7, 2014

Time: 8:00am -5:30pm

Presenter: Tad Radzinski


Take your skill set to the next level and become a sustainability leader in your organization. Tad Radzinski, recognized industry expert, will lead an interactive full-day seminar, which will provide a roadmap to develop and implement an effective Corporate Responsibility plan that supports a successful business strategy. You and other forward-thinking participants will walk away with actionable information and practical strategies to advance your own sustainability goals through responsible business practices. You don't want to miss this interactive learning and networking event!

Upcoming Webinars:

The Path to Zero Waste - Reduce Impacts, Save Money, Get Certified!


Date: February 6, 2014

Time: 2:00 pm EST

Presenter: Annie Bevan and Jim Mellentine


In today's market, businesses are under pressure to reduce waste and divert waste from landfills. This webinar will provide you with vital information on how to reduce waste from your facility and avoid sending waste to landfill by implementing a comprehensive waste reduction program. Your continually improved performance can be benchmarked and certified so you can credibly and effectively communicate your achievements to customers and other stakeholders.


From Strategy to Success - Ensuring Effective
Sustainability Program Implementation

Date: February 25, 2014
Time: 12:00 pm EST
Presenter: Tad Radzinski


Even a well-designed Corporate Responsibility program can fail without effective implementation. There are many factors that affect the outcome of sustainability initiatives, and properly managing these factors will lead to optimal performance and return on investment. This webinar will address these factors and how to ensure successful implementation of your Corporate Responsibility program.


Register here, now! 

Beyond LEED - Green Building Standards and 

Regulations Changing a Marketplace


Date: March 6, 2014

Time: 2:00 pm EST

Presenter: Tad Radzinski


Green building rating systems and standards are increasingly becoming an integral part of today's market. Beyond the well-known LEED rating system, other codes and standards (e.g., the NGBS, IgCC, CALGreen, Green Globes, Living Building Challenge, and Passive House) are all shaping the green building marketplace. As these standards evolve and continue to gain momentum, they are often becoming mandatory practice in new construction. This webinar will examine these green building programs and the opportunities they provide. The presentation will also address the direction in which the green building market, as a whole, is heading, as well as the implications this can have for you, your portfolio, or your organization.


Vision to Value - The Profit in Corporate Responsibility


Date: March 25

Time: 12:00 pm EST

Presenter: Tad Radzinski


The success of a Corporate Responsibility plan must be measured at the triple bottom line - examining social, environmental, and economic gains. In order to support a long-term business strategy, sustainability initiatives need to provide cost savings or generate revenue. Monetizing sustainability ensures continued management support and drives responsible growth. Optimizing and quantifying the financial benefits of Corporate Responsibility can be challenging. This valuable webinar will provide insight on measuring the benefits of your Corporate Responsibility program and discuss strategies for maximizing return on sustainability investments.


The Multi-Attribute Market Gap


Date: April 17, 2014

Time: 2:00 pm EST

Presenter: Annie Bevan


Companies are changing the format in which they make environmental claims and disclose product data. As a result, there has been a shift from single attribute claims to comprehensive, multi-attribute claims. This shift has seen a flurry of multi-attribute standards, many of which are flawed in several ways including limited transparency and confusing language that architects, designers, and consumers have trouble grasping. Utilizing our expertise in third-party certification and green marketing, GreenCircle has released its Certified Environmental Facts (CEF) multi-attribute certification. Modeled off of a nutrition label, this mark is tailored for optimal understanding and maximum transparency. This webinar will explain the gap in the multi-attribute market and detail the solution to this gap, the CEF mark.


Critical Crash Course on Corporate Responsibility


Date: April 29, 2014

Time: 12:00 pm EST

Presenter: Tad Radzinski


A valuable opportunity to learn the process of developing and implementing an effective Corporate Responsibility program, this crash course builds upon 30 years of industry insight and proven practices. Building upon months of in-depth coverage of key sustainability topics, this informative webinar answers critical questions and addresses fundamental challenges faced most often in the current business landscape.