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GreenCircle's Expertise Utilized to Create Sustainable Purchasing Standard

Through our involvement with ASTM E 60, GreenCircle has officially joined the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for the development of ISO PC 277- Sustainable Purchasing Standard. This committee hopes to set-up an internationally recognized guidance document on how institutional purchasers (governments, organizations, schools) can ensure that their sustainable purchasing is being done correctly. GreenCircle is part of an eight member group that will be sharing their expertise in conjunction with other TAGs from around the world.  We are excited to share our knowledge and contribute to this important effort. 

GreenCircle Certifications Offered:

Carbon Footprint Reduction


Closed Loop Product


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Optimized


Recyclable Material


Recycled Content


Renewable Energy Use


Renewable Resource Content 


Sustainable Biodiesel Certification


Sustainable Manufacturing Operations


Waste Diversion from Landfill 


Certified Environmental Facts  


GreenCircle Advances Role as Industry Leader


The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
Launch Event Webcast


A group of leaders from government, industry, academia, standards organizations, and NGOs are joining forces to solve the biggest obstacle to sustainable purchasing: a lack of standardization in how sustainable purchasing is defined, guided, measured and rewarded. GreenCircle and the Council's members will leverage the power of procurement to lead the sustainability transformation of our economy by working integrally to supply purchasers with the best available purchasing guidance in a manner that prioritizes high-impact areas of spending and supports procurement processes commonly found in the public and private sector. The Council will launch with a live webcast from Washington, D.C. on July 23 at 1pm EST


For more information, and to register NOW for the webcast, click here.  



SBA Certification Continues to Gain Momentum


GreenCircle and the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (SBA) are proud to announce that the Sustainable Biodiesel Certification program is officially launched. The announcement came at Willie Nelson's 80th birthday party on Thursday, June 6, at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. "Back in 2007 we kicked off the SBA in this very room with Willie Nelson. We didn't realize how long it takes to create a certification program, but I'm here today to tell you we have completed that certification program with the help of GreenCircle Certified. That's one of our birthday presents to Willie, as he has been a strong supporter of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance all this time," announced Kelly King, Chair of the SBA, at the celebration.


With the support of Willie Nelson and other honorary SBA board members - including Woody Harrelson, Daryl Hannah and Jack Johnson - the Sustainable Biodiesel Certification is poised to receive national recognition for evaluating and verifying sustainable alternatives to traditional petroleum based fuels. The new certification was featured on the websites of Biodiesel Magazine and Biodiesel Digest. Additionally, GreenCircle has been asked by BBI International to speak in conjunction with the SBA at the National Advanced Biofuels Conference and Expo on September 10-12. As national recognition of the Sustainable Biodiesel Certification continues to grow, producers, distributors and end users of biodiesel can position their brand and establish a competitive advantage by achieving certification.


For more information please contact AshLee Klingman at


GreenCircle's Expertise in Plastic Recycling and
Closing the Loop Aids the Industry


GreenCircle is committed to advancing the industries we partner with and the companies that we certify. We have worked closely with several manufacturers and recyclers of plastic products to find innovative solutions to close the resource loop and decrease the use of virgin materials. One notable example is the relationship between JP Industrial (JPI) and Deceuninck North America. Deceuninck is a design and extrusion company that makes PVC window lineals which they then sell to window fabricators. JPI processes recycled Deceuninck window lineals from these fabricators and pulverizes the materials for use by Deceuninck to make new product. GreenCircle has reviewed this process and has certified Deceuninck window lineals as a Closed-Loop product. This Closed Loop process reduces the need for virgin materials and diverts waste from landfills. 


Communicating these successes and educating the industry allows for further impact reductions. GreenCircle has been invited to speak at the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) July meeting in Chicago, IL. Here, GreenCircle will share our insight and demonstrate the value of third-party certification in plastic recycling and materials sourcing. 


LEED v4 Update

The LEED v4 ballot has been approved! Please see the link below for the official USGBC announcement. GreenCircle is excited for the next chapter of LEED and has developed a Multi-Attribute certification (Certified Environmental Facts) which highlights the total sustainability of a product and operations. The label includes sustainable product attributes and key manufacturing impact reductions, and will provide valuable information to assist architects and LEED professionals in meeting LEED requirements. To learn more about how this certification can distinguish your company from your competitors, please contact AshLee Klingman at