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 Assuring Accountability in

Today's Evolving Market

 The Value of Third-Party Certification in Sustainable Procurement

Sharing our expertise and industry knowledge is essential to shape the green product market and the future of product sustainability. GreenCircle takes pride in educating the public on current issues and providing solutions that will help the market grow and progress. Soon to be released, our newest white paper addresses how sustainable purchasing policies and sustainable supply chain requirements are generating new opportunities for product manufacturers and raw material suppliers. Stay tuned for the release of this paper and check our website for other industry updates here.

GreenCircle Certifications Offered:

Carbon Footprint Reduction


Closed Loop Product


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Optimized


Recyclable Material


Recycled Content


Renewable Energy Use


Renewable Resource Content 


Sustainable Manufacturing Operations


Waste Diversion from Landfill 


Certified Environmental Facts  


GreenCircle's Industry Expertise Helps Shape the Future of Sustainability Standards 



GreenCircle Participates in Annual 

ASTM E60 Committee Meeting


Represented by Annie Bevan, Certification Analyst, GreenCircle participated in the recent ASTM E60 meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. The ASTM E60 Committee on Sustainability was formed in 2008 and has a current membership of approximately 550 companies and individuals. The purpose of the committee is to bring together diverse stakeholders to create consensus based standards on sustainability and sustainable development. GreenCircle utilized its expertise in Waste Diversion and Sustainable Manufacturing Practices to directly contribute to emerging standards in these areas. We are excited to work with ASTM and will continue to be an industry leader helping to shape the future of sustainability. 


To learn more about the ASTM Committee E60 on Sustainability, visit


The Sustainable Purchasing Council Utilizes Institutional Purchasing Power to Affect Change


As a part of the Founder's Circle of the Sustainable Purchasing Council (SPC), GreenCircle will provide insight to collaboratively develop sustainable purchasing standards. The goal of the Council is to establish principles to be adopted by purchasing entities as guidelines on what constitutes a sustainable product. GreenCircle serves as a Market Advisor for the SPC in conjunction with several Founding Purchasers and Suppliers, including the U.S. Department of Energy, Office Depot and FedEx. As a Founding Market Advisor, GreenCircle will utilize its expertise in sustainable product evaluation to build a foundation for purchasing entities to advance sustainability. 


ATTENTION Biodiesel Producers, Distributors and 

End-Users: Sustainable Biodiesel Certification 

Officially in Pilot Phase


We are proud to announce that the Sustainable Biodiesel Certification program is officially in its pilot stage. Recognizing the need for an objective certification system to measure the overall sustainability of the production, distribution and use of biodiesel, the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance has partnered with GreenCircle to create this certification process. GreenCircle has adapted the SBA's established Baseline Practices for Sustainability to objectively evaluate the producers, distributors and end users of biodiesel. 


The Sustainable Biodiesel Certification program focuses on evaluating the quality of the biodiesel and the types and methods in which biodiesel blends are produced, distributed and utilized. The SBA and GreenCircle are actively seeking producers, distributors and end-users of biodiesel to participate in the SBA's pilot certification program. For more information, please contact AshLee Klingman at