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December 2015
Amber Johnson!
Amber Johnson, the Comprehensive Community Action Program's (CCAP) Quality and Compliance Admin, won this month's "CurrentCare On the Spot Award" for the Highest Viewer Use in November 2015! Learn more about Amber and how the CCAP Team uses CurrentCare in Amber's CurrentCare Story. Congratulations Amber!
...and South County Hospital!

November's On-the-Spot Award for enrollment was awarded to South County Hospital for enrolling 302 patients in November!
The New England QIN-QIO

Check out December's MED Minutes Podcast

Our third podcast in this series is An Introduction to CMS's Chronic Care Management Code, and includes discussion around:
  • Brief overview of the Chronic Care Management (CCM) Service
  • Services that qualify as CCM
  • Information on who can bill CCM code
  • Additional CMS requirements, including Comprehensive Care Plan
  • CCM code integration into EHR
  • Resources for additional information

Click on the button above or here to access this podcast.

Rhode Island Medical Society Journal: December Edition
RIQI is pleased to share the latest edition of the Rhode Island Medical Journal, the monthly publication of the Rhode Island Medical Society. 



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