Is substance abuse treatment info in CurrentCare?

...Yes! It's called "Part 2 Data"

What is "Part 2?" The federal confidentiality rule, 42 CFR Part 2, was designed to guard patients' rights to privacy of substance abuse treatment information. In 2013, Rhode Island was the first state to integrate Part 2 Data into a statewide Health Information Exchange (CurrentCare).

How do I access it? If you are a CurrentCare Viewer user with access to protected health information (PHI), and have an active treating relationship with the patient, you can access this data under the "PART 2 HISTORY" tab at the top of a patient's record:

After you click the link, this message reminds you that you are not to re-disclose this information:

This means that you cannot print, scan or transcribe the information into your EHR. With the exception of an emergency, you are not to discuss the Part 2 data in the patient's record with anyone else on your staff. However, you can record information that a patient provides to you while taking a history.

It's OK to click the link!
It's OK to view Part 2 data when you have an active treating relationship with a patient and you need to see that information to treat them. It's important to understand:
  • the patient has agreed to enroll in CurrentCare
  • on an annual basis, the patient must give permission to the "Part 2 facility" (Providence Center or Gateway) to release the record into CurrentCare
It's OK to say to the patient:
"I see you're enrolled in CurrentCare, and you also receive treatment at the Providence Center..would you sign a release at the Providence Center so that I can have a copy of these records as well..."

It's OK to write in the patient's chart:
"I'm prescribing this medication based on information viewed in CurrentCare on this date..."
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