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Vol. VII, No. 5
May 10, 2016




Canada's Justice Deficit: The Case for a Justice System Report Card





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In this edition...
Events: Cotler and Black star in the next Great Canadian Debate
Security: MLI offers analysis on the Canadian hostage crisis
Justice: Why Canada needs a justice system report card
Events: Review of Frum/May debate on the Syrian refugee crisis
Economy: MLI declares NB beer case a victory for economic freedom
Events: The Great Canadian Debates take over Toronto
Economy: Former National Energy Board chair talks pipelines and politics
Budget: The banks' quiet conflict of interest on deficits
Cotler and Black debate on May 31: Is the Supreme Court usurping Parliament's role?
Irwin Cotler and Conrad Black will square off in the next Great Canadian Debate, happening in Ottawa on May 31!
Black, a financier, author and columnist, will argue in favour of the motion: "Canada's Supreme Court has usurped the proper role of Parliament". Cotler, a former Liberal justice minister, will argue against.

MLI authors have been all over the news in recent weeks discussing counter-terrorism topics.
MLI Senior Fellows Alex Wilner and Christian Leuprecht were go-to analysts in discussing the hostage crisis that led to the death of John Ridsdel and still has a Canadian being held hostage in the Philippines.
Wilner discussed the topic with Maclean's, 1310 News and authored an op-ed for the Globe and Mail. Leuprecht appeared in stories by the Sun chain of newspapers, the CBC, Global TV (two times) and CTV.
The Macdonald-Laurier Institute has long been an advocate for removing barriers to internal trade, and in March two MLI authors took their case to the decision-makers on Parliament Hill.
Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley and Senior Fellow Sean Speer appeared before the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce to discuss the issue.
Crowley also authored a column on the subject for the Ottawa Citizen.
MLI makes the case for a justice system report card
Canada's justice system isn't performing as it should. Unreasonable delay causes thousands of cases to wend their way slowly through the courts. For many the cost is prohibitive.
That's why, say MLI Senior Fellow Benjamin Perrin and the co-authors of a new report, Canada needs a justice report card.

The Syrian refugee crisis was the subject of a spirited back-and-forth between Elizabeth May and David Frum at the latest Great Canadian Debate on May 2, 2016.
Click here to watch the video and see the photos from the event.

MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley welcomed the judge's ruling in the Comeau beer smuggling trial defending Canada's founders' intentions on interprovincial trade.
Crowley spoke about the case and MLI's fight against barriers to internal trade with CBC New Brunswick and Global TV, and he was quoted in the Toronto Sun.
Ottawa's favourite debate series hit the road in April for its first-ever event in Toronto.
Jonathan Kay and Chris Alexander debated the resolution "The terrorist threat to Canada has been exaggerated".

Former NEB chair speaks with MLI about pipelines, politics and environmental assessments
How can environmental assessments for resource projects, a controversial subject in recent years, work better for Canadians?
Crowley and Speer expose the banks' conflict of interest on deficits
Bay Street is far from neutral in advocating that Ottawa should go into deficit to fund big-spending budget items, write Brian Lee Crowley and Sean Speer in the Globe and Mail.
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