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Vol. VI, No. 12
Dec. 22, 2015






Northern Light: Lessons for America from Canada's Fiscal Fix


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Merry Christmas from MLI! In this edition...
News: MLI series helps the new government deliver "real change"
Events: MLI celebrates a great Canadian PM
Governance: Diagnosing the civil service's ailing sick leave system
Events: Recapping our Great Canadian Debate on the Senate
Trade: Taking on the Trans-Pacific Partnership alarmists
Fifth Anniversary: Another round of tributes for MLI's big year
Aboriginal affairs: Praise for MLI's Aboriginal thought leadership
Security: MLI authors sought for analysis of terrorist attacks
Other MLI news
MLI launches "From A Mandate For Change To A Plan To Govern" series
The Justin Trudeau Liberals swept to power on a promise of "real change" - and the Macdonald-Laurier Institute is here to help them deliver it.
MLI has launched From A Mandate For Change To A Plan To Govern, a series of papers by new Senior Fellow Sean Speer and various expert co-authors aimed at helping the new Liberal government achieve its electoral promises.
The series, which will run from the Throne Speech to the budget, kicked off in early December with a look at Canada's middle class. Other entries have provided insights on overhauling Canada's refugee system and how the government should approach a new health accord with the provinces.

Did the 20th century belong to Canada? Maybe not. But Feb. 24, 2016 will certainly belong to Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
Tickets are now on sale for the Macdonald-Laurier Institute's celebration of one of Canada's greatest prime ministers.
2016 Laurier Dinner

Public-sector workers take more sick leave than their private-sector counterparts. But exactly how bad is the problem in the federal government?
Philip Cross answered that question with an in-depth look at sick leave in the federal civil service. The paper sparked tremendous interest with an op-ed in the Financial Post, and coverage in Postmedia papers and on BNN, Global TV and the CBC to name a few.

Event recap: Great Canadian Debate on the Senate
Should the Senate be abolished?
Stanley Hartt and Tasha Kheiriddin went toe-to-toe on that question at the first Great Canadian Debate of 2015-16!

Jim Balsillie is wrong to call wolf over the intellectual property provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Richard Owens explains why in a new paper.
Owens also discussed the paper with BNN.

Derek Burney and Greg D'Avignon are the latest influential Canadians to offer congratulations to MLI on five years of true north in Canadian public policy.

Perry Bellegarde, the Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, recognized the important thought leadership of MLI Senior Fellow Ken Coates in helping to foster Aboriginal progress.
In December Coates authored a paper for MLI on what needs to be done for Aboriginals to get better-skilled jobs in the resource economy.

MLI authors provide thought leadership on recent terrorist attacks

Macdonald-Laurier Institute authors helped bring order to the chaos behind a series of terrorist attacks in November.

Senior Fellow Christian Leuprecht authored an op-ed for the Globe and Mail on why we aren't giving those on the front-lines in the battle with terrorism the right tools. He also wrote an op-ed for the Sun on why Canada can't afford to be complacent.
Alex Wilner, who wrote a commentary on the subject for MLI, also spoke to CTV and several other media outlets about what's next for Canada after the Paris attacks.

Other MLI news
New video shows the true size of government in Canada

How big is government in Canada?
Bigger than you think. Brian Lee Crowley explains why in a new MLI video.

Tanker ban fuel for a simmering Canada-US dispute, says Hage in the Globe

A tanker ban on Canada's west coast? Easier said than done, says Robert Hage.

Bringing the case for popular capitalism to Canada

MLI is partnering with CapX to bring Canadians the best global contributions on issues of capitalism. Check out the page here.

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