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Vol. VI, No. 7
June 8, 2015






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In this edition...
Events: Great Canadian Debate on Canada's democracy
Resources: New paper earns Philip Cross media attention
Aboriginal affairs: Coates weighs in on the Truth and Reconciliation report
Trade: Dawson extolls the benefits of the TPP
Economy: Why a high minimum wage is bad for vulnerable workers
Security: Shining a light on gaps in Canada's security from terror
Economy: Economics needs a greater dose of private-sector knowledge
Society: The blurring line between 'friend' and 'acquaintance'
Other MLI news

Andrew Coyne, John Pepall wrap up another season of the Great Canadian Debates 

Another season of the Great Canadian Debates is in the books!

For the third and final debate of this spring, Andrew Coyne and John Pepall debated the motion "Canada's democracy is in crisis" on May 26 at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

The two debaters also authored op-eds for the National Post. 

A new report by Philip Cross on Canada's natural resources is "a much-needed reality check: resources are more important to Canada than many realize - or want to admit", the National Post says.

Cross also appeared on CBC's the Exchange to discuss the report. 

Macdonald-Laurier Institute Senior Fellow Ken Coates has been busy providing analysis of the latest developments in Aboriginal Canada.

  • In a column on the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the National Post, Coates argued that Aboriginals - not governments - need to drive progress.

  • In the Vancouver Sun, he and Senator Doug Black argued that developers hoping to use First Nations' land should realize that Indigenous people are interested in more than just money.

  • In the Globe, he lauded Supreme Court Justice Beverley McLachlin for recognizing past injustices towards Aboriginal peoples.

Coates also released a commentary for MLI that was based on recommendations he made in April to the Senate Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples.

Meanwhile, MLI Managing director Brian Lee Crowley authored a column in the Globe and Mail arguing that Aboriginal groups are not anti-development, contrary to alarmed reactions to a rejected development deal in BC.

Laura Dawson explains the need for the Trans-Pacific Partnership on TVO's The Agenda

MLI Senior Fellow Laura Dawson appeared on TVO's The Agenda to discuss why the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement is vital to Canada's economic interests.

On June 11 in Ottawa, MLI and Dawson Strategic will bring together key experts from across the country to discuss how improving intellectual property protection will help Canada's trade goals. 

Alberta's newly-elected NDP government's plan to raise the minimum wage will only price the weakest workers out of a job, Brian Lee Crowley argues. 

In a new commentary, MLI Senior Fellow Christian Leuprecht argues that there is much Canada could do to improve its efforts to counter terrorist financing and home-grown radicalism.

Leuprecht also did several media interviews surrounding the commentary, including with the Globe and Mail and the John Gormley Show. 


No one is immune to the cold, hard logic of MLI Senior Fellow Philip Cross - not even his fellow economists.

Crowley writes in the Citizen about our changing approach to friendship

Brian Lee Crowley asks: "How is the Facebook era changing our approach to friendship?" 

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