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Upcoming CNU-A Continuing Ed Events
Following is a list of upcoming events approved for CNU-A Continuing Education. 
CNU - Atlanta Chapter
TOD Design w/ Jeff Speck 

March 29, 2013 

Atlanta, GA 

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CNU - New England Chapter Lecture

April 4, 2013

North Adams, MA 

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CNU - New England Chapter Lecture 

April 11, 2013 

North Adams, MA 

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CNU - New England Chapter Lecture 

April 25, 2013

North Adams, MA 

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CNU - New York  

Regional Summit 

May 10 - 11, 2013 

Schenectady, NY  

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CNU - Wisconsin  

APA Annual Conference

June 13 - 14, 2013 

Sheboygan, WI  

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Welcome to the third edition of the CNU-Accreditation Quarterly Newsletter. 

Enclosed you will find a variety of resources, including upcoming CNU-A Continuing Education events, CNU-A member profiles, and CNU 21 follow-up.

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Highlights from CNU 21

Did you attend CNU 21 in Salt Lake City? We want your feedback! Your input will help us to make CNU 22 an even better event. Please take a few minutes to go through the survey and tell us what you worked and what didn't, and what you'd like to see happen in Buffalo.

Videos CNU staff are working hard to edit and post all the the video and content from CNU 21. Whether you missed a session due to your busy schedule or just want a refresher on a presentation you attended, don't forget to check out the CNU YouTube Site.

CNU 21: Living Community
CNU 21: Living Community

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CNU-A Member Profile

Every newsletter includes a CNU-A member Q&A session. Email us at if you're interested in participating.



Adrian Cammaert, HBA, CNU-A, MCIP, RPP  



Senior Planner | MHBC Planning, Urban Design
& Landscape Architecture

Member Since: March 2012



Q. How did you prepare for the CNU-A Exam?  

A.  I prepared by taking the University of Miami's "Principles and Practice of New Urbanism" course. I recall this being a challenging but very rewarding course and it prepared me very well for the Accreditation Exam. I still regularly refer to the New Urbanism Best Practices Guide for inspiration or to double check design ideas. 

Q. Why did you sign up for CNU-A?   

A.  Although I already had a good base of knowledge about urban design from University and College schooling, I wanted to learn more about what is currently being done to address emerging issues; what's at the forefront of new design. It's always been the "what's next?" that interests me the most.  For example, CNU's Highways to Boulevards work is coming at a critical time for Toronto and it's Gardener Expressway question and could provide an excellent resource for decision makers at City Hall. Likewise, an emerging issue is the abandonment of sub/urban strip malls which present great opportunities for redevelopment given their large areas, central locations and full services. It will be interesting to see where these initiatives go and hopefully the direction that they provide will be embraced by decision makers.          


Q. How has CNU-A personally benefited you?
A.  The accreditation provides a distinction. It indicates that the holder possesses urban design knowledge, takes good urban form seriously and has taken the necessary steps to have this formalized.  

Q. How did you meet your continuing education requirement this year? 
A.  I participate in CNU's webinars and podcasts on a regular basis.  Currently there aren't any conferences or workshops in Ontario that are formally approved by CNU, however I'm leading an initiative to create an Ontario Chapter of CNU which will provide for such events. We started with a small group of like-minded professionals, primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, and have grown to an extensive Chapter Organizing Committee which is comprised of planners, urban designers, landscape architects, municipal staff, academics and students from all across Ontario. It has taken a little over two years, but we are now on the verge of being incorporated. We expect to reach full Chapter status very shortly; well in advance of our targeted deadline of June 2014 - CNU22 in Buffalo, an event in which we will have a large presence and are actively helping to co-ordinate. This will be the first CNU Chapter located entirely within Canada and we are immensely proud of that fact, as well as all the work that has gone into the project so far.


Q. Share a fun fact about yourself.

A.  Growing up, my dad worked in major league baseball, and consequently my sister and I had the opportunity to travel to many American cities during the team's road trips. While not at the ballpark, I toured around these cities, comparing one to the other and deciding what I liked most (and least) about each. I think this early exposure laid the foundation for my passion for urbanism and ultimately my career choice as an urban planner/designer.   
Mark Your Calendars
November 21 - 22, 2013 CNU Transportation Summit in
Chicago, IL (space is limited)
June 4 - 7, 2014 CNU 22 in Buffalo, NY

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