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    March | 2013

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We know you've been holding your breath for several months, waiting for an announcement from us that our Congress Schedule is ready. And it's here!


Plenaries? We've got the biggest names. Tours? Local tour guides and breathtaking scenery abound. 202s? Ten of them. Breakout sessions? Almost too many to choose from. Moments to socialize other than breaks? Special events, initiative lunches, and the closing party are what you're looking for.


So breathe easy, attendees, and explore what CNU 21: Living Community has to offer. We're ready for Salt Lake City. Are you?  


Full Schedule>>

Salt Lake City Interrotta | 
An Ideas Competition


The Mormon grid. At 660 feet on a side, each block is exactly 10 acres. The size of Salt Lake City's blocks have proven to be a challenge to its urbanism. Everything from walkability to standard development sizes have struggled with the 660' dimension: the blocks are just too big and the lots too deep, especially when compared to other American cities. This is where you come in.

The Great American Grid is hosting an Urban Design Competition, inspired by the Roma Interrotta competition that took place in 1978. You are tasked with designing a single 660 feet block, exploring any aspect of urbanism you wish (e.g., subdivision of the block, big box, park design, mixed-use enclave of medieval form, etc.) without altering the surrounding 132 feet right-of-way.   Read Rules>>


CNU Welcomes New Communications Director Tim Halbur


Tim joined CNU March 25 after several years as the Managing Editor of, a news website covering urban planning, design and development. There he authored a children's book teaching kids about the urban transect and produced a DVD called The Story of Sprawl


Tim has also worked at Reconnecting America promoting and researching transit-oriented development and at ArtPlace advocating creative placemaking as a catalyst for economic development. Before delving into urbanism, Tim produced audio tours for museums and historic sites including the Johnson Space Center, Millennium Park and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Welcome Tim!




LEED v4 Is Almost Here | 
Open for Public Comment Until March 31
LEED update v4 includes the rating system that CNU and the NRDC partnered to create: LEED for Neighborhood Development.

Within LEED-ND, the Mixed-Use Neighborhood NPDc3 is up for comment. The intent of this credit is to reduced vehicle distance traveled and automobile dependence; encourage daily walking, biking, and transit use; and support car-free living by providing walkable access to diverse uses. NPDc3 is under consideration to be given up to 4 points within v4.   Submit Comments>>


Take Your Place at the (Boardroom) Table | Board Elections

CNU seeks to fill three (3) seats on the Board of Directors via member-led elections. All CNU members are invited to participate in the online submission and voting process.
Member-elected board members commit to attending board meetings, supporting the principles of the Charter, and making a good faith effort to raise $5,000 for CNU. If you have any questions, especially those regarding fundraising, please contact Caitlin Ghoshal,
Deadline for Candidate submissions is April 15, 2013.   Read More>>

"Are the Streets of Gold Walkable" | 
Podcast with Rev. Eric Jacobsen
CNU President, and son of a Presbyterian pastor, John Norquist ignites a philosophical discussion with New Urbanist and Reverend Eric Jacobsen about the interplay of faith and urbanism. 
Eric frames these two concepts in terms of hardware and software: building traditional neighborhoods (hardware) alone won't cause people to start acting neighborly (software). Together, he and John explore how faith communities can be one part of the very large question of getting people to activate good urbanism with neighborly practices.   
Listen to us LIVE! Wednesday, April 10 @ 4 PM Central.  Register>>
Book Signings @ CNU 21 Bookstore
Looking to promote your recent book or publication at our annual Congress? Sit down with urban enthusiasts and readers to sign and talk about your book. If interested, contact us at
And if you would like to see your book sold at CNU 21: Living Community, Submit Titles>>
Workshops Focus on Walkable Design in Urban Centers
CNU's transportation initiative continues to grow. Following on the heels of a successful series of workshops in Chicago, CNU will host an event in April in the City of Twinsburg, Ohio. This smaller workshop focuses on the development of Twinsburg's City Center and is funded in part by a grant from the U.S. EPA distributed through the Project for Public Spaces' Livability Solutions coalition.

Following the recent Chicago event, top officials from Illinois DOT met with CNU board members to discuss how the manual can fit into the state's long range transportation plan. Bola Delano, Deputy Director of the department's Office of Planning and Program, also joined CNU President John Norquist this month for further discussion in a CNU Podcast.   Listen>>

These workshops focus on the Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares manual and offer a chance for designers, developers and policymakers to learn how its principles can be applied to help add value in urban centers around the country.   Read More>>
Claiborne Avenue: Past, Present, and Future
Inspiration for your video submissions:
"Claiborne Avenue: Past, Present, & Future"
Highways to Boulevards Video Contest
Ends April 29
Aspiring filmmakers, urban enthusiasts, and citizen activists:
We want you to describe the impact urban highways have in your communities. We want to hear local voices on the alternatives you envision instead of these highways. And we want you to put it on visual record.
Our Highways to Boulevards Video Contest ends April 29. Submit a 3 minute video and contribute to the nationwide narrative of Freeways Without Futures.   Contest Rules>>
           - 1st Place: $500 Visa gift card award 
           - 2nd Place: $250 Visa gift card award
Featured Members 

Mithun is a leading sustainable design practice that creates lasting places for people. The firm's innovative and collaborative spirit encompasses architecture, landscape architecture, planning, urban design, and interior design services - a multidisciplinary approach that unites human and natural systems within the built environment. More>>


Based in downtown Stuart, Florida and serving Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties, the Council has been providing high quality, relevant urban design, town planning and economic development services to its 54 member local governments for over 36 years. 
Council is nationally recognized for its work in assisting cities and towns in becoming globally competitive through redevelopment.   More>>


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