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October 2012 

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FHA Raises Cap on Financing Limits of Commercial Space

CNU's Live/Work/Walk Initiative Progresses as FHA Resets Rules


Last month, FHA revised rules that limited the cap of commercial space in mixed-use condo buildings from 25% to an updated 35% commercial use, with possible waivers for developments with up to 50% commercial space.  


Building off of this momentum, CNU continues to work with our allies to move ahead on our  Live/Work/Walk: Removing Obstacles to Investment initiative. We have high expectations that FHA will similarly soon relax restrictions on non-residential in the multifamily loan programs. 


CNU will be presenting to the Chicago-based Metropolitan Planning Council later this month on how the restrictions affect the supply of affordable housing in Chicagoland. Stay up-to-date with the latest via the Live/Work/Walk webpages.


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New Research from Philadelphia Highlights the  
Resiliency of Home Prices in Walkable, Urban Areas


In a report commissioned by CNU, University of Pennsylvania economist Kevin Gillen analyzes the stability of Philadelphia-area home prices as they correlate to walkable, urban neighborhoods versus exurban, auto-centric locales. His findings? In a reversal of trends from past recessions, walkable, urban neighborhoods have weathered the recent housing crisis better than their sprawling counterparts. 
 What to Expect at CNU 21

 and get a taste of what's to come at CNU 21.

Charles L Marohn
Interview with 
Charles L Marohn

Interview with Mike Lydon
Interview with Mike Lydon

Interview with Kristen Jeffers
Interview with Kristen Jeffers

Showcase Your Academic Work: 2013 Call for New Urban Research


CNU is proud to announce the 2013 Call for New Urban Research. Submissions must focus on "Tactical Urbanism" - a topic which was recently acknowledged by the curatorial committee of the Venice Biennale as one of the most pervasive global urban movements since the "Situationist International" protests in May of 1968, in France.


The deadline for submissions is December 14th, 2012. 


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Last Call in 2012: Get your CNU-A Credentials 


"CNU-A has opened a number of doors for me in terms of exposing me to a vantage point that I wouldn't otherwise see through my line of work. I feel that the CNU-A accreditation was an excellent opportunity to incorporate alternative views of planning into my work at a local level."- Josh O'Conner, Planner in Buncombe County, NC.


Over 500 CNU members have achieved Accreditation. Do you have yours? 

Registration for the last exam of 2012 ends November 6th, 2012.


CNU Receives Grant from the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust


CNU is excited to announce it is a grant recipient of the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust. Highlighting the growing demand to create communities of long-lasting value, the Searle Funds grant allows New Urbanist experts to teach the CNU/ITE Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares manual to Chicagoland's transportation engineers, policy-makers and public officials.





Final Workshop Summary for Blue Springs, MO Training Unveiled  


In June 2012, CNU teamed up with the City of Blue Springs, Missouri to host a Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares workshop for planners, engineers, and community leaders to learn context-sensitive, multi-modal approaches to street design. 


Download the "Final Workshop Summary" for Blue Springs by clicking here.






CNU Launches Highways-to-Boulevards Video Contest 


CNU is launching a contest for engaging, short videos (three-minute max) on urban highways from around the world. CNU asks aspiring filmmakers, urban enthusiasts, and citizen activists to describe the impact urban highways have in their communities. CNU wants to hear local voices on what alternatives they envision for the space instead of a highway.


CNU will post video submissions on its website and share the videos with Highway-to-Boulevard campaigns throughout the country. Plus, CNU will award the three most compelling videos with cash prizes!


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Van Meter Williams Pollack Wins Choice Neighborhood Planning Grants


Van Meter Williams Pollack is a CNU Leader member, and the recent recipient of two of HUD's Choice Neighborhood Planning Grants for their respective Sunnydale and Potrero Plans, based in San Francisco. Choice Neighborhood Grants build off the success of HOPE VI, linking schools, transit, employment and services in the creating of communities.



The Grid Joins the CNU Salons Network


CNU has partnered with Global Site Plans' "The Grid" blog to offer select content via the CNU Salons.  Check the CNU Salons often for the latest Grid offerings.



TOD Line Newsletter from Pace Land Use Law Center


CNU supports the work of the Pace University Land Use Law Center and is excited to bring our members the latest TOD Line Newsletter from the Center.


Featured Member
Interview with Mike Lydon

PlusUrbia is a design practice founded on the precept that creativity is a result of collaborative creation.  



See their website for more. 

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