april, 2014
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Kids love summer!  They love the heat (I honestly don't think they could tell the difference between 110 and 10 degrees.  Shorts in the winter, shorts in the summer....), they love the freedom, and they love the {FILL IN YOUR CHILD'S FAVORITE MIND-NUMBING ACTIVITY HERE}. I know I want to find things for them to do during the summer so they don't just waste away the brain cells they just spent nine months filling up.  I start off the summer with great ideas, blind ambition, and jolt upon jolt of energy.  Then day two of summer break arrives and I am spent.

Okay, so I'm not THAT bad, but it does get to be a great task to occupy the children in the summer.  So I encourage you to simply try to establish routine.  It will be a different routine from the school year, but still keep something that resembles a routine.  That will include the fisherkids responsibility station.  As I have said before, the Beck household slacks off on responsibilities around the house in the summer.  They still do their daily tasks that help the family; they still do paid-for chores (financial responsibility still matters in the summer!); and we add some things that wouldn't be possible in the tight schedule of the school year.   For instance, our children take turns during the week to cook dinner.  They make the menu  (teaches nutrition), shop for the ingredients (learn food labels, price comparison, etc), cook the meal (age-apppriate help is needed!), and they even love to make a fun centerpiece or little notes at each person's spot. 

Whatever you decide to do, don't let routine go completely...it will make the start of the school year infinitely more difficult and stressful!

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