JUNE, 2013


Ghosts and mummies and Frankenstein....oh my!  I LOVE Halloween!  I love the fun creepy after-school snacks, wrapping apples up like mummies for lunchboxes, carving pumpkins, and seeing the random costume ideas come to life.  A perfect example of the latter: our daughter Claire, whose sense of humor has yet to meet its match, couldn't decide between Bugs Bunny and Charlie Chaplin (not that she has seen one Chaplin movie despite my begging to watch The Gold Rush with her), so she is going as Bugs Bunny dressed up for Halloween as Charlie Chaplin.  Hysterical and memorable.


And the Texas weather is cooling off from the oppressive 100+ degrees to a perfect, I-REMEMBER-WHY-WE-LIVE-HERE 75 degrees.  There have been some years with such high temps that our babies had to strip down to a diaper and the pumpkin stem hat only, but this year, we are blessed with nice, chilly, perfect Trick-or-Treat weather!  Life is good.


And on we head to the glorious holiday season.  Whichever holiday you celebrate, make it memorable, make it special, and make it cozy with your family.  Family is oh so important...Let's keep it so!   


The other reason we love this time of year is because we break out the Naughty or Nice spinner which gives us SO much bargaining power with our first grader (not so much our pre-teen/teen, but it does make them smile when I tell them they just moved the spinner to coal).  All it takes when Henry is just about to jump off the undercontrol cliff is a mere saunter over towards the spinner and all is suddenly back under control.  It's truly miraculous.


We want to thank you all for your support.  We are in a particularly wonderful position with our company to be needing MORE inventory rather than the unfortunate fear of "how do I sell this inventory?"  We have you to thank.  We honestly mean that.  We believe that success is never just one person....it is due to the generosity, support, advice, and mentoring from others around us.  Thank you.


Happy Halloween!


The Beck Family  


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lots more designs to choose from to give your child more ownership of his/her station!   
We are in the process of adding more designs for your son or daughter to choose from when designing their personalized products (personalized nameplates, week-at-a-glance calendars, checklists, & checkbooks).  We are trying to add designs that will appeal to older kids (tweens and teens).  Look out for designs that include lots more sports, music, lifestyle, and trendy designs.  We have set a goal to have these ready to go by the second week of November!

as the holidays approach, we appreciate the press!  


our family of distributors is growing and we couldn't be happier!  


We welcome Character Publishing in Pass Christian, Mississippi!  Character Publishing is a brick-and-mortar store as well as an online store.  Please visit their new location at 6340 Kiln Delisle Road, Unit F, Pass Christian, Mississippi.

We also welcome BountifulBin.com!

You can still find our products at Uncommon Goods, Creative Kidstuff, Southern Vintage Glam (Plano, TX), The Grommet, and Open Sky.  More distributors are coming soon!

our naughty or nice spinner to promotes good behavior   

Use code COAL at checkout to receive 15% off a Naughty or Nice Spinner (code expires on December 10, 2013 and is only valid in Fisherkids online store.  Not valid at our distributors or boutiques). 

covering topics relevant to raising kids these days! 

chore charts for kids, fisherkids  
So far, we have covered several topics relevant to using our products.  Hopefully, these will give you yet one more way to stay motivated, get tips and advice, and answer any questions you might have.  If there is anything you would like us to cover, please email us! You can check out our past couple of video blogs on our YouTube channel. 
Topics covered so far include: background of our company, intro to our responsibility station, using the add-on kit (multiple children on one board), chore stick picture tags, and our personalized checkbooks.  Much more to come! 

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we are serious when we say customer service is our NUMBER ONE priority.  without our customers we won't succeed! 



  Thank you for producing an educational and quality product. The amount of customer care you have provided has been one of the best I have ever seen. I will be recommending this product in the future to all of my friends and family. Thank you again!"