chore charts for kids, fisherkids
JUNE, 2013


Happy Fall!  Even though Texas still sports a cool 95 degrees, we celebrate the feeling in the air that fall is just around the corner.  Football games, back to school, kids talking about what they want to be for Halloween, and the s'mores bar we set up for the neighborhood kids that come through our house all bring a smile to my face.  I love this time of year!

The Beck family has now entered middle school, as our oldest daughter Anna has started seventh grade.  Time flies, and thanks to a wonderful conversation with a customer, we thought it would be great to focus a bit on the middle schooler.  Anna is a sweetheart, but middle school has a way of making a pre-teen/teenager think (s)he is twenty-two!

Happy Fall....enjoy this time with your family.  Check out our website for updates, in particular our Running from the Joneses and The Grand Life segments.


Gratefully and Humbly,

Jennifer Beck



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we wouldn't trade places with them to save our own lives!  
chore charts for kids, fisherkids
One of the things I love most about my job is getting the opportunity to connect with customers. I spoke with a customer the other day and we discussed our middle schoolers (mine is the weirdo on the left in the picture inset).  I taught middle school science for a few years and I loved it.  I saw their struggle as they transitioned from little kids to teenagers with puberty to light their path.  Add in their class schedules, dances, athletics, clubs, locker combinations, and the social pressures our kids face and it's a recipe for sheer angst. 

I saw students go from straight As, organized and sweet to pre-teens and teens who resemble moody Pigpens from the Peanuts Gang.  I remember standing at my classroom door as one sweet boy who, as the bell was ringing for class to start, was running down the hall with his shirt halfway untucked, struggling to keep his books and binders in his arms, and finally dropping his three-ring binder only to watch his papers fly all over the hallway.  My heart bled for him and as we were scooping us his papers and books, we decided to schedule a time to reorganize his locker, learn how to use his planner, and try to get back on track.   Easier said than done.

The kind customer I spoke with suggested to me that the homeschool notepad we sell with our homeschool station might work wonders to keep her son organized and teach proper study habits.  It would force him on a Monday after school to plan out the week: tests, quizzes, assignments, games, etc.  Then she could aid him in learning how to truly study (not just the night before the quiz or exam).  Another thing to check out is our goal-setting checklist to teach your child how to set a long-term goal, then break it up into smaller goals.  Finally, for younger children, our week-at-a-glance calendar can act as a planner; you can sit down with your child on Monday and plan out the week.  This does two things: helps them understand their responsibilities at school each week (why they can't just sit down and watch TV after school!) as well as how to prepare for tests and exams to ensure lifelong learning vs short-term recall.

chore charts for kids, fisherkids

Our middle schoolers might pretend like they don't need us; they might roll their eyes as they storm away when you give them an answer they don't like; or they might want us to drop them off a block away so their friends don't see them hitching a ride with MOM or DAD! GAWD!  But ultimately they do need us.  Our unwanted words actually comfort them (deep down) that they are loved and protected.  {I draw a blank how to explain the block away drop-off.}  So if we can see through the few years of middle school fog, we know that with our help they will come out of the fog as (wait for it....) responsible high schoolers!

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Thanks to one of our distributors, Creative Kidstuff, we had a chance to offer a giveaway through blog by Kelly Phillips Erb Great information about the tax consequences of paying your children an allowance {or as we prefer: a commission!}

our naughty or nice spinner to promotes good behavior   
chore charts for kids, fisherkids
All we have to do when Henry, Anna, or Claire start to misbehave is start walking towards our Naughty or Nice Spinner and they correct themselves.  Well, Anna and Claire (7th and 5th grades, respectively) kind of giggle, but Henry takes it ever so seriously.  We pack it away with our Halloween decorations and it works magically for three full months.

Use code COAL at checkout to receive 15% off a Naughty or Nice Spinner (code expires on December 10, 2013 and is only valid in Fisherkids online store.  Not valid at our distributors or boutiques). 

featuring my nana's acting debut...  

chore charts for kids, fisherkids  
We have been trying for quite some time to re-shoot our introductory video.  Thanks to our kids (they literally held focus, held the booms and acted) and to my husband's production company,  You can see our video on our website, our storefront, our youtube channel, vimeo......lots of places!  Feel free to post a link to our video (we would appreciate the help spreading the word about our company!) 

covering topics relevant to raising kids these days! 

chore charts for kids, fisherkids  
We are trying to bring answers to your questions, concerns, and curiosities through a weekly video blog.  If there is anything you would like us to cover, please email us! You can check out our past couple of video blogs on our YouTube channel.  

we are trying to grow and asking for your help!

We have grown leaps and bounds thanks to you.  We are asking for your help once again to help us promote our capital campaign through  It's a kickstarter-like campaign platform that allows supporters to contribute any dollar amount.  There are perks for contributors as well.

We are asking for your help spreading the word about our campaign.  Please post, repost, tweet, retweet, carrier pigeon, morse code, whatever you can do to help us find donors to fund our small business growth.  We want to reach as many families as we can both within the US and abroad.

Many, many thanks in advance for your help.  We are, as always, humbled and grateful. 

this is hilarious...

With regard to receiving their fisherkids responsibility stations:
My girls went and got the other neighbor kids and were showing off the oldest was reciting the chinese proverb.. To which the neighborhood little girl said "i have a fishing pole and a minnow"