december, two thousand twelve

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We are sending out our final survey to close out our trial for a possible home school responsibility station.  We know there is a need for organizational help for the ever- expanding home school population, but we certainly don't want families spending money on a product that is not ultimately helpful. 

There were three groups:
1) using our current station to see if there is even a need for a home school-specific product

2) using our current station with a home school add-on

3) using an entirely separate home school product.

Please stay-tuned and we thank you for your patience.  We had high hopes to have this project completed by the end of November, but time moved faster than we did!

naughty or nice  
This is subtle discipline at its best! Move the arrow to show your children how they rank in the naughty or nice race. Great for the holidays, even better ALL YEAR LONG. Framed in an 8X10 front-loading frame, this can hang on a pegboard hook with your child's responsibility station or it can hang anywhere in the house! (IDEA: grab a magnetic hook from the hardware store and hang it on the fridge. Kids will surely see it when they grab for a snack!) The arrow is re-positionable, so simply nudge the arrow to the appropriate end of the behavior spectrum! Really, no words will be necessary.....the kids will get the idea!

We are not going to restock the following items, as we are focusing primarily on the promotion of fisherkids products.

Some items we will continue to stock, but check out the products below to get them while they are in stock!




also discontinuing: towel tags, lunchbox napkins, school correspondence notepads.

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What a wonderful time of the year!  We are excited to have seen continued growth in 2012 and we are anxious to see what 2013 has in store for us!  Thank you to everyone who has helped us succeed since our first day in November, 2009.  We appreciate your referrals and thank you for letting us serve your family.

Enjoy your time with your children, and please know that we are here for you as you need us. 

The Beck Family

thank you!

We posted this on facebook, but thought we would just double check that everyone see it!  Check out our daily giveaways to plan your purchase.*

{*Minimum of $20.00 purchase before tax and shipping.}

teaching charity

art of giving
First of all, please refer to our  "teaching your child to give"  page on our website.  We have lots of resources to help you out! 

Teaching charity is developed over time.  There are many studies that attempt to unveil the reasons human give; whether it is an act of selfishness or altruism to give to others (or one a consequence of the other); or if we hardwired to both give and receive.  Ultimately, 
"humans are as naturally altruistic as they are naturally selfish. Both are behavioral propensities that can be developed or quashed depending on feedback and consequences. So long as we give and give effectively, altruism will continue to grow." (Psychology Today)

For younger children, choose age appropriate charities, ones they can relate to and understand how their money can help.  For instance: their school or local library, museum, church, zoo, or canned food drives.  As children age, introduce them to other charities that can help them develop compassion: children's hospitals, humane societies, scholarship funds, local outreach programs, or clothing drives.  After a while, you can introduce them to research charities. 

Children think quite concretely and with contingencies.  If they _______ then they _________.    
So it is difficult for them to grasp the concept of giving for nothing tangible in return.  Over time, this can be age appropriately taught, so that the result is  compassion and humility.    What a legacy we can leave by instilling this in our children. 

Jennifer + Greg Beck
Fisherkids, LLC