March 2016
Pistorio Foundation Newsletter
Over 450 Students have attained a Professional School Degree
Over 40 Infrastructure Projects have been completed
Over 32 Village Communities have benefitted
For every 1$ donation, 1$ is devolved to projects benefitting children in need

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Dear Friends,
We're excited to share that 69 of our beneficiaries from the hill-tribe minorities in Chiang Rai, Thailand, obtained their professional and vocational school diplomas in February 2016.  We have hence reached a new formidable threshold: over 450 students from Morocco, Thailand, and Cambodia, who have obtained a Professional/Vocational School Diploma. In Thailand alone, 347 students have obtained a Professional School degree since the launch of our Scholarship Program in 2006. Our results and the impact it has on the lives of beneficiaries and their families continues to reinforce our belief that providing students with long-term quality education until the completion of Professional School is key in empowering them to be authors of their own destinies and breaking their families' intergenerational cycle of poverty.
News from the Chiang Rai Village Project

Congratulations to our newly graduated Professional School Students! 54 of our student beneficiaries graduated from the Viroon Business Administration and Technology College (VBAC) Professional School and 15 from other institutions. The Foundation ensures that Professional School students are able to pursue their studies, and depending on the needs, provides for housing, food, uniforms, school supplies, and fees.
Giovanni Santavicca, the Foundation Country Manager in Thailand, attended the Graduation Ceremony at VBAC held on 25 February 2016.
The subjects in which they received the certificates were: Marketing, Accounting, Electronics, Tourism, Mechanic and Electricity.

ountry Manager Thailand Giovanni Santavicca posing with graduating beneficiaries.

Some of the graduates with their mothers, dressed in traditional Akha clothes.

A graduate student posing with his mother. They are from an Akha hill-tribe village in Chiang Rai.

News From the Morocco Back to School Project

Morocco Back to School Project
Last December, our 40 students on scholarship and some of their family members, particularly mothers, received medical and dental check-ups at the Azrou Center. Our students are enrolled in the Non Formal Education Program. The Foundation has been supporting this program since 2011 and has provided a school facility for the

Beneficiaries receiving dental and medical check-ups.

Singapore Chapter News

We would like to welcome warmheartedly our newly appointed Singapore Chapter Coordinator, Daniela Beltrani. Daniela has been a supporter of the Foundation already for many years, volunteering also in Cambodia, and has now chosen to step up her active involvement by joining our Singapore Chapter Team!

Daniela was born in Rome, Italy, and holds a Master degree in Law from L.U.I.S.S., Rome, and an MA in Contemporary Asian Art Histories from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. She is a yoga instructor, performance artist and curator based in Singapore. Her interest in philanthropy began in her late teens, when she started volunteering during her high school and university studies.

Many thanks to our wonderful volunteer team that travelled to Chiang Rai last September. In addition to running IT and English classes to our beneficiaries in a number of schools, our volunteers launched a fundraising campaign in Singapore and managed to raise nearly 15,000 SGD and obtain a donation of 4,000 Euro from BNP Paribas. Well done team!
Volunteers posing with Thailand Country Manager Giovanni Santavicca.

Collage of photos from Volunteer Mission.

From our Beneficiaries

Chiang Rai Village Project - ChatChai's story
ChatChai ChurMue is a 22-year-old second year student of Industrial Engineering at RajaMangkala University of Technology Lanna (RMUTL), in Chiang Rai. He was born in the small village of Abodo on the mountains, about 65 km from Mae Suai District. ChatChai is from an Akha tribe family, originally from Myanmar. His parents are farmers, as the majority of villagers. They grow enough rice to feed the family, but never enough to sell. As such ChatChai's family could not afford to pay for his schooling. At one point, his mother had asked him to stop studying, but his father had encouraged him to continue and thanks to the support of the Foundation he has been able to complete his secondary school education and attend university.
ChatChai is a determined young man, who has embraced the challenges his situation brought him with a fighting yet grateful spirit. In continuing his studies, he bears in mind not only his family, but his entire community and the possibilities of improving their situation through his growing knowledge, confident that, in his own words, "Education is key for change."


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