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Council Executive Committee Affirms Unity, Moves Forward
Meeting in Chicago last week, the Council of Bishops' Executive Committee approved a framework for implementing the Commission on a Way Forward and took a step toward a called session of the General Conference in 2018.

The Council acknowledged that the landscape of the church has changed dramatically since the General Conference approved the Council's proposal in May, but re-affirmed their commitment to lead the church forward.

"The reported declarations of non-compliance from several annual conferences, the intention to convene a Wesleyan Covenant Association and the election of the Rev. Karen Oliveto as a bishop of the church have opened deep wounds and fissures within The United Methodist Church and fanned fears of schism," said Bishop Bruce R. Ough, Council president, in a detailed statement outlining the actions taken. "The church finds itself in an extremely fragile, highly contested season."

Meaningful Job Opportunity
Danielle Slingsby, the Executive Director of the Nome Community Center, has made the decision to resign. Starting now, the Nome Community Center is searching for a new Executive Director.  If this is a position you would be interested in or you know someone that would, go to their website to learn more.
NCC Executive Director Position

Come to a Mission u in Your Area!
The Alaska United Methodist Women are excited to be bringing Mission u to you again!  The first event will be held in Juneau at Aldersgate UMC from July 29-30. EVERYONE is invited to attend.

The two studies this year are:
*Climate Change: A Call to Hope and Action, led by Debra Gerrish
*The Bible and Human Sexuality, led by Janice Nightingale

Please contact Jennifer Miller at 907-351-0274 or alaskan_miller_girl@yahoo.com for more information and to register.

Another Mission u event will be held in Anchorage at Turnagain UMC September 9-10.  There was a conflict with the Homer date and so that has been postponed until further notice.
Study Leaders needed for 2017!
The Executive Team of United Methodist Women of Alaska are accepting applications for Study Leaders for  Mission u events to be implemented summer/fall of 2017.   Here is the required application.  Please note the deadline for applications is November 18, 2016.  
Please let those you think may be interested in this wonderful opportunity know!  
You may contact Jenn Miller at alaskan_miller_girl@yahoo.com  or 907-338-1434 (home) or 907-351-0274 (cell) with any questions.
Alaska UMW Newsletter
The Alaska United Methodist Women have sent out their latest edition of their newsletter.  In it you will find information regarding the upcoming Annual Gathering, which will be held October 7-9, 2016 at Anchor Park UMC.  It also includes a nomination form for the Racial and Social Justice Award that they give each year to someone or a group that is doing tremendous things to educate and protect people's rights.

What Could a VIM Team Do For You?
Could your congregation be a potential work site for a VIM team for next summer?  Dan Wilcox, the Volunteer In Mission coordinator for the conference is asking congregations to take time between now and September to consider what projects your church might have in 2017.  There are already three teams from the lower 48 that have shown interest in coming.  If you would like more information about hosting a VIM team, or what a team can do for you, please contact Dan at danielpwilcox@gmail.com.  He can connect you with a team now, or send you information that can help your congregation discuss whether or not a VIM team is right for you.
Conference Office Email Address has Changed
We have begun the process of changing the conference office email from umc@gci.net to alaskaumc@gmail.com.  For workflow ease, we are consolidating everything to the Google platform (email, calendar, etc.).  Please update your address books/contacts lists and start using alaskaumc@gmail.com for your emails to the conference. Carlo's email (carlorapanut@gmail.com) will remain the same.
Upcoming Events
19-August 18: Carlo on vacation in the Philippines
29-30: Mission u at Aldersgate UMC


9-10: Mission u at Turnagain UMC
23-25: Mission u at Homer UMC
Clergy Birthdays

September 5: Charles Brower
September 22: Won Jea Keum
September 28: Darla Bradley

Conference Office

Superintendent Carlo
Submissions - If you have an article or event that you would like to share with the rest of the conference, submit it to the conference office by Monday evening for consideration.
AUMC Logo Mission Statement:
The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  Held and supported by the transforming relationship with God through Christ, we of the Alaska United Methodist Conference seek to be a community that creates a home for all peoples, finds our hope through grace and journeys together into God's preferred future.
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