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Conference Office Email Address has Changed
We have begun the process of changing the conference office email from umc@gci.net to alaskaumc@gmail.com.  For workflow ease, we are consolidating everything to the Google platform (email, calendar, etc.).  Please update your address books/contacts lists and start using alaskaumc@gmail.com for your emails to the conference. Carlo's email (carlorapanut@gmail.com) will remain the same.
Council President Speaks Following Shooting Deaths
Bishop Bruce R. Ough, president of the United Methodist Council of Bishops, issued the following statement on behalf of the Council in the wake of shootings in the U.S. last week:

In the aftermath of violent deaths this week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Dallas, Texas, we speak to a nation that is overwhelmed with anger, grief, frustration, and despair. These deaths have left our hearts and voices crying for justice. The preliminary evidence and the shocking video images are a convincing reminder that we have work to do. The deaths of young black males in encounters with white police officers call for the need of a bi-partisan political and legal response, beyond (but including) the statements and prayers of the church. The subsequent deaths of police officers remind us of the honorable service of the great majority of these public servants and the destructive cycle of violence and retribution. We pray for each family in their profound loss and grief.

We call upon the people of the United Methodist Church to enter into the challenge and complexity of this present moment. We affirm that every person is created in the image of God. We acknowledge our complicity in the sin of institutional racism, which denies the inherently sacred nature of every person. We confess that we have often allowed our ideological differences to become more important than our unity in the One Body. We repent of our temptation to live in fear of one another and to seek security apart from God. We claim the essential need for all Christians of privilege to listen and seek deeper understanding when our brothers and sisters cry out for justice. We commit ourselves to speak on behalf of those who are denied justice. We support the difficult work of those in law enforcement and at the same time seek ways of moving toward better community engagement. We pledge to address the problem of mass incarceration of young black males in our society. We recognize the temptation to become numb in the face of persistent mass violence, and we hear the call as disciples of Jesus to move beyond lovers of peace to become peacemakers.

Let us together pray that God will work through us to bear witness to Christ's call to bring healing to a fractured community and a broken world. When we cannot find the strength within ourselves, may we turn to you, for we know you call us to love our neighbor. Remind us O God that love casts out all fear. Make us a people of transformational change, of reconciliation, of justice and instruments of your peace. Even now and especially now - for we offer this prayer in the face of struggle, pain, tragedy and unrest, and yet with confidence in the power of your love - our God, our Redeemer, Healer, the prince of peace! We pray in our own time for the fulfillment of the prophecy given to Zechariah on the first Advent, even as we pray, "Come, Lord Jesus" and claim the promise of the gospel:
By the tender mercy of our God
the dawn from on high will break upon us,
to give light to those who sit in darkness
and in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into the way of peace.
(Luke 1:78-79)
Bishop Bruce R. Ough, President
Council of Bishops
Issued on behalf of the Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church
Brant Henshaw Begins as Conference Treasurer
As of July 1, Brant Henshaw is the Conference Treasurer for The Alaska United Methodist Conference.  If you have any questions regarding church insurance, payroll, apportionments, etc., he is your guy!

His contact information is:

Welcome to the Alaska Conference, Brant!
June Apportionment Report
The new apportionment report has been completed and posted on the conference website.  You can take a look at it here and see how your church is doing as well as other churches around  the state.
Western Jurisdictional Conference Begins July 13
The Western Jurisdictional Conference will meet in Scottsdale, Arizona July 13-16, 2016.  Some of the important things that will happen there will be the election of a new bishop, recognize Bishop Warner Brown on his retirement.  There will also be reports given, budgets to approve and a vote on a resolution for the merger of the Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain Conferences.

After the election of the new bishop, the six bishops would then be assigned to the eight conference for the next four years.

You can learn more on the jurisdictional website and by following the Western Jurisdiction Facebook page. Some portions of the event will be available via live streaming video.
July Conferences to Elect 15 U.S. Bishops
Council of Bishops
The Western Jurisdiction Conference is getting ready to begin their sessions tomorrow, July 13th.  It is here that they will elect a new Bishop to replace the retiring Bishop Warner Brown.  Other Jurisdictions around the U.S. will also be meeting this month to elect their Bishops.  You can read more about the process and who all is running to be Bishops here.
Come to a Mission u in Your Area!
The Alaska United Methodist Women are excited to be bringing Mission u to you again!  The first event will be held in Juneau at Aldersgate UMC from July 29-30. EVERYONE is invited to attend.

The two studies this year are:
*Climate Change: A Call to Hope and Action, led by Debra Gerrish
*The Bible and Human Sexuality, led by Janice Nightingale

Please contact Jennifer Miller at 907-351-0274 or alaskan_miller_girl@yahoo.com for more information and to register.

Other Mission u events will be held in Anchorage at Turnagain UMC September 9-10 and at Homer UMC September 23-24.
What Could a VIM Team Do For You?
Could your congregation be a potential work site for a VIM team for next summer?  Dan Wilcox, the Volunteer In Mission coordinator for the conference is asking congregations to take time between now and September to consider what projects your church might have in 2017.  There are already three teams from the lower 48 that have shown interest in coming.  If you would like more information about hosting a VIM team, or what a team can do for you, please contact Dan at danielpwilcox@gmail.com.  He can connect you with a team now, or send you information that can help your congregation discuss whether or not a VIM team is right for you.
Controversy, Communion, & Welch's Grape Juice
Substituting grape juice for wine at Holy Communion might seem an obvious choice for modern United Methodists, but during the temperance movement in the 1800s, that was not so easy. Read the story that talks about the connections between Welch's grape juice and the Methodist Church.
United Methodist Federal Credit Union Newsletter
Now Available - the summer 2016 newsletter for your United Methodist Federal Credit Union.   UMFCU provides a full line of financial services and products to United Methodist churches, clergy, congregational members and UM-affiliated organizations.  Participation in the CO-OP network offers 37 walk-in Shared Branch locations and 63 surcharge-free ATMs in the state of Alaska along with thousands of locations nationwide.  To receive a membership packet contact your California Headquarters at 800-245-0433 or your New England Branch at 207-591-6449.
Upcoming Events
13-16: Western Jurisdiction Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Carlo attending
19-August 18: Carlo on vacation in the Philippines
29-30: Mission u at Aldersgate UMC


9-10: Mission u at Turnagain UMC
23-25: Mission u at Homer UMC
Clergy Birthdays

July 21: Lisa Talbott
September 5: Charles Brower
September 22: Won Jea Keum
September 28: Darla Bradley
UM Federal Credit Union

Conference Office

Superintendent Carlo
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