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Conference Office Email to Change
We are beginning the process of changing the conference office email from umc@gci.net to alaskaumc@gmail.com.  For workflow ease, we are consolidating everything to the Google platform (email, calendar, etc.).  Please update your address books/contacts lists and start using alaskaumc@gmail.com for your emails to the conference. Carlo's email (carlorapanut@gmail.com) will remain the same.
AK Child & Family Flag Day
Make sure you mark your calendars now for the annual Flag Day celebration at AK Child & Family.  This year, the celebration will take place this Saturday, July 9th from 5:30 - 8:30 pm.  Find out more information here!
Survey Provides Insight Into What Seekers Want From Church
Spiritual growth and genuine community are the top motivators for attending church. That's according to a new survey of spiritual "seekers" aged 18-34, conducted by Barna Group on behalf of United Methodist Communications.

The top reasons to attend church as cited by survey respondents were:
* Church helps my spiritual development (39 percent)
* Opportunity to find out more about God (38 percent)
* Opportunity to make friends and nurture friendships (38 percent)
* Knowing that anyone will be welcomed into the church community (38 percent)
* Opportunity for support during difficult times (37 percent)

David Kinnaman, president of Barna and director of the study, says the findings point to ways church leaders can offer genuine community for young seekers across a variety of life circumstances, especially looking at the differences between married and single young adults.

United Methodist Leader Safe After Istanbul Attack
Thomas Kemper, a United Methodist mission leader, was waiting in a lounge at Istanbul's international airport when a terrorist attack began on June 28. Afterward, he spoke about his fear, but also experiencing a feeling of shared humanity and a call for solidarity.
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Discipleship Ministries Offers New Safe Sanctuaries Videos
Discipleship Ministries offers a new series of Safe Sanctuaries® videos that can help your church ensure that all spaces of worship and gathering are places of trust.
United Methodist Global AIDS Fund Newsletter
Global AIDS Fund
Rev. Melissa Engel is the conference contact for the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund.  If you ever want to know more about what is going on in our conference regarding the UMGAF or you want to help her out, please let her know!  In the meantime, you can find the May-June issue of the UM Global AIDS Fund newsletter here!
Upcoming Events
9: Flag Day at AK Child & Family
13-16: Western Jurisdiction Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Carlo attending
19-August 18: Carlo on vacation in the Philippines
29-30: Mission u at Aldersgate UMC


9-10: Mission u at Turnagain UMC
23-25: Mission u at Homer UMC
Clergy Birthdays
July 11: Bob Smith
July 21: Lisa Talbott
UM Federal Credit Union

Conference Office

Superintendent Carlo
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