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The Alaska United Methodist ConferenceJanuary 6, 2015
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2014 Conference Journal
The Conference Journal is posted on our website and you can access it anytime you would like.  Download it onto your computer desktop for easy research.

Bishop Grant Hagiya Bishop's Blog
Bishop Hagiya has written a new blog post.  He asks "How Much is a Life Worth?" where he talks about the lives of African American men.  How will you start the new year?  Read it here.
Reflections of a Running Reverend
Happy New Year! I do not have a blog post this week as I just got back from vacation and will be traveling again beginning tomorrow to southeast Alaska for more church conferences until Sunday. To catch-up on previous blog posts you may have missed, click here.  Have a great week!
Mission u Event Registration
The Alaska United Methodist Women are hosting their annual Mission u Events soon!  The first event is in the Anchorage area and will be held February 6-7 at Hope Community Resources.  The three featured courses are Spiritual Growth: How is it With Your Soul?, Social Justice Understanding: The Church and People with Disabilities, and the Youth Study: Making a New Picture Together - Welcoming Persons with Disabilities Into Our Lives.  Download the informational brochure and post a poster in your churches for advertisement.  You can register online now at  Registration deadline is January 26th.  Don't miss out on these greatly anticipated events!  You can view the Mission u blog at  The other events across the state will be: February 20-21 in Juneau at the Tlingit-Haida Voc-Training Resource Center, March 27-28 in Kenai at the Dena'ina Wellness Center, and April 10-12 at Birchwood Camp in Chugiak for a Statewide Retreat.
GBOD Launch Your Leadership!

New and returning church leaders can learn their responsibilities and plan the focus for 2015 with these webinars from GBOD:

JAN 7 - Lay Leaders

JAN 8 - Finance committee

JAN 13 - Church Council

JAN 15 - SPRC Overview of a year of leadership

JAN 20 - Nominations Committee Develops Leaders

JAN 22 - Trustees Manage for Ministry


All webinars will be recorded and archived at
Deadlines Apportionment Deadline Nearing
We have received the December 2014 apportionment report, but there is still time for the 7 remaining churches that have not paid 100% to send in their money!  The Treasurer's office has set January 12th as the absolute last day to receive your apportionment money.  Please contact the treasurers office if you have any questions about this deadline.  Congratulations to all the churches that did pay 100% of their apportionments!!!
Annual Youth Mission Immersion Registration Open

The annual P.L.U.M.E. Youth Mission Immersion weekend is coming up Friday-Saturday, January 16-17, 2015.  It's open to youth 7-12th grade.  They will gather on Friday evening and serve all day Saturday.  This year, they are going to end after dinner on Saturday night.  Information and Registration can be found at  Any youth from across the state can attend!

Deaconess or Home Missioner
Deaconess Fran Lynch will be hosting a Mini Discernment Event on January 17th for those lay individuals thinking about becoming a Deaconess or Home Missioner.  If you want to know more, please read the flyer and let Fran know!
Diana Butler Bass Diana Butler Bass Learning Event
Diana Butler Bass will be in Alaska January 30-31, 2015.  Her learning event will be held at St. John UMC and the FREE public lecture will be held at St. Mary's Episcopal Church.  Here is the information sheet and registration form.  Stay tuned for more details in the weeks to come.  You can visit her website for more information about her.
Wesley Pilgrimage for 2015

The Wesley Pilgrimage is a wonderful opportunity to:

  • Immerse yourself in the Christ-centered leadership of John and Charles Wesley
  • Learn, pray, and explore places where the Wesley brothers lived and served
  • Reflect and make new friends in small groups
  • Make connections between the Wesleyan heritage and missional leadership for today

In addition, there are scholarships available to cover the $2,195 pilgrimage fee. Persons will still be responsible for their own airfare, but this is a huge opportunity!  To find out more check out the flyer here.

Upcoming Events

     7: UMC of Sitka Church Conference
     8: First UMC, Ketchikan Church Conference
     10: Aldersgate UMC Church Conference
     10: Douglas Community UMC Church Conference
     11: Northern Light United Church Conference
     13-18: Carlo in Seattle for Western Jurisdiction meetings
     18: Jewel Lake Parish Church Conference
     18: Anchor Park UMC Church Conference
     19: Office Closed - Martin Luther King Jr's Day
     23-25: United Methodist Women Midwinter Meeting @ Birchwood Camp
     25: Willow UMC Church Conference
     29-31: Winter Meetings and Diana Butler Bass Leadership Event

     1-4: Carlo at ADCM Meetings in Nashville
     8: Homer UMC Church Conference
If you have an article or event that you would like the rest of the conference to know about and participate in, feel free to submit them to me each week by Monday evening.  I ask that you type up what you want included and let me know how many weeks you want it published for.  Thank you!
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