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The Alaska United Methodist ConferenceJune 10, 2014
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~Thank You!
~Native American Singers
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~Flag Day
~UM Poll
~Volunteers Return to Homes

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2013 Conference Journal
The Conference Journal is posted on our website and you can access it anytime you would like.  Download it onto your computer desktop for easy research.

David Beckett Dave's Dibble

I am deeply grateful for the kind words and recognition marking our 22 years of ministry at the recent Alaska annual conference.  This is an interesting journey as I think about the grief process.  A friend remarked, "I don't deal well with loss.  Often it just shows up and grabs me."  I was wondering if it would show up and grab me Saturday evening during our goodbye time.  I even came prepared with a handkerchief, but it was not needed.  But grief is not always to be equated with strong emotion.


Last week Kim and I hiked along Turnagain Arm.  At one overlook we stopped and prayed out loud.  It wasn't a huge grab, but it was a very helpful touch of emotion as we gazed at the mountainous beauty and thanked God for this amazing season of life and ministry.  If we had not stopped to pray I don't think that little grab of grief would have happened.


In our Book of Worship there is a ritual of goodbye that has a pastor and congregation asking for forgiveness.  I wish I would have asked for this at conference.  In the midst of my sin and failure as superintendent I need to ask for your forgiveness.  I have not always made good decisions and some have hurt others.  In the absence of that ritual at conference I am asking for you as the Alaska Conference to forgive me my sin.  It is the one thing I need from you and God as we prepare to leave Alaska on June 24. 


Grace Always,


Bishop Grant Hagiya Call for Prayer from Bishop Hagiya
Responding to a deadly shooting at Seattle Pacific University on Thursday that left one person dead and three injured, Bishop Grant Hagiya has issued a call for prayer to the people of The United Methodist Church.
In the wake of the tragic shootings at Seattle Pacific University, I would ask everyone to pray for the students, faculty and school in the coming days. This tragedy underscores the wake of violence we are witnessing nationally, and it hits home when it is in our own backyard. May we not only pray, but take action to make our society a safer place. In speaking with the Dean of the SPU's School of Theology, Rev. Dr. Doug Strong (an Elder in the United Methodist Church), he asks for our prayers and for local clergy to be available if counseling presents itself in the wake of this tragedy.
Bishop Grant Hagiya
Peace With Justice Sunday Peace with Justice Special Sunday
Pastors, order or download your Peace With Justice Special Sunday materials here.
Imagine No Malaria
Thank You!
We are grateful for Julia Frisbie, INM Field Coordinator for the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area, and her presence at our Annual Conference.  Here is her summary of her time here in Alaska and all the great things we are doing!
Native American Mother/Daughter Singing Duo "Sayani"

A Native American mother and daughter singing duo would like to come to Alaska and share their singing talents with us.  They have already been invited to perform at New Hope Methodist-Presbyterian Church in North Pole but need more churches to perform at to make their trip up here cost effective.  They do this full-time as their ministry and travel the world sharing their gift of music and Christian message.


To learn more about "Sayani," Jorie West and her daughter Christie West, you can go to their website at  Contact them at 817-757-2297 or if you are interested.

Walking Challenge "Imagine No Malaria" HealthMiles Challenge

The results are in from the recent HealthMiles challenge to raise money for the "Imagine No Malaria" campaign.  18 people participated in the HealthMiles challenge over the month of May with the last day in coordination with the end of the Annual Conference gathering. I want to thank the following participants for achieving one of the goals of the challenge, resulting in a contribution in their name to the "Imagine No Malaria" campaign funded by the conference board of pensions.


       James Doepken

       Philip Campbell

       Joseph Talbott

       Carlo Rapanut

       Teresa Campbell

       David Beckett

       Aaron Smith

       Karen Perry

       Daniel Wilcox

       Radie Rapanut

       Paul Caseman

       Peter Perry

       Kim Beckett

       Debra Weston

       Bruce Galvin


Drum roll please: $1,700 will be provided to the "Imagine No Malaria" campaign from their efforts. 
If you see any of these individuals thank them for their participation and accomplishment for an important cause.
Celebrate Flag Day with AK Child & Family
Bring out your family and friends for AK Child & Family (formerly Alaska Children's Services) Flag Day, Wednesday, July 9th from 5:30-8:30 pm.  AK Child & Family is located at 4600 Abbott Road in Anchorage. This fun event is a fundraiser for AK Child & Family (residential treatment home for children) and includes food, ice cream, live music, face painting, balloons, games for children and much more. Free parking and shuttle at Service High to the event. Consider buying a ticket for a child or another family you know! Buy tickets in advance or at the door. Contact AK Child & Family for more information at 272-8899; or check out the AK Child & Family website at
Methodist Logo Poll: Making Disciples Tops United Methodists' Priorities; Sexuality Ranks Low

More than 90 percent of members say church shouldn't split over issue

NASHVILLE, Tenn.-A new poll of United Methodists in the United States shows that issues related to human sexuality rank significantly lower than other concerns, and members want the church to engage on this issue and bring a positive perspective to the discussion.


Creating disciples of Christ, spiritual growth and youth involvement are among the top priorities for U.S. church members, according to the survey, commissioned by United Methodist Communications. The research is based on a May 30-June 1 survey of United Methodist members in the United States. The research was conducted by Corporate Research of Greensboro, N.C., and Research Now of Dallas. It had a 4.4 percent margin of error.


"We found that regardless of a person's position on homosexuality, members felt strongly that the church could offer a positive and different voice to the broader conversation occurring in society today," said John Deuterman, president of Corporate Research. "They overwhelmingly reject the idea that the disagreements over this issue were justification for splitting the church."  (Read more here

Galena Flooding Hundreds of Volunteers Return to Repair and Rebuild Homes

The first teams of skilled volunteers arrived in Alaska earlier this week to continue rebuilding efforts in four Interior communities affected by the 2013 floods. The State of Alaska has been working closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to ensure a speedy recovery on all fronts, which includes bringing volunteers to the state.


"We anticipate more than 500 men and women will spend their two-week vacations installing windows, doors, roofs, plumbing and other essential components," said Federal Coordinating Officer Willie G. Nunn. "The collective focus is to get displaced families home, make damaged residences safe and secure for occupancy, and complete our mission by September."  According to State Coordinating Officer Bryan Fisher, this is the first housing disaster in 20 years that required two building seasons in Alaska due to the severity.


Nunn stated that 116 homes were repaired or rebuilt by survivors and skilled volunteers in 2013. The work last summer was conducted in six rural Alaskan communities including Alakanuk, Circle, Emmonak, Fort Yukon, Galena and Hughes. This summer, 48 homes will be repaired or rebuilt in Alakanuk, Circle, Emmonak and Galena. The primary agencies involved with rebuilding these communities this summer are the Disciples of Christ, Lutheran Ministries, Mennonite Disaster Service, Samaritan's Purse and United Methodist Volunteers in Mission.

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     11-15: Dave attending Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference
     15: Fathers' Day
     20-22: Carlo attending Pacific Northwest Annual Conference

     1: Carlo begins his Superintendency
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