From the Director

Today, we are releasing two new reports that are part of our series of studies examining antisemitism and hostility toward Israel on college campuses. The first, provides a picture of the situation at 50 campuses and examines the nature of different campus climates with regard to antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment. The second, is an in-depth look at one school in particular, the University of Pennsylvania, and the panoply of issues that are of concern to students on that campus. Continue reading

Hotspots of Antisemitism and Anti-Israel Sentiment on US campuses

This report is an extension of a study we conducted in 2015 in which we found that a substantial portion of Jewish students reported having been exposed to antisemitism and hostility toward Israel but that the extent of the problem varied considerably across campuses. "Hotspots" is based on findings from a 2016 survey of Jewish undergraduates at 50 US campuses. Identifying campuses where antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment are especially acute, the study also looks at the particular manifestations of hostility at different campuses and the ways in which these climates influence the lives of Jewish students. Here is what we found

Diversity, Pressure, and Divisions
on the University of Pennsylvania Campus

This report is the second in a series of reports of select campuses and focuses on the University of Pennsylvania, historically, the most welcoming to Jewish students of all Ivy League schools. Based on a survey of both Jewish and non-Jewish students, the study presents a snapshot of the characteristics of Penn undergraduates. The report also explores the intersection of racial, ethnic, and religious identities, gender, and sexual orientation, intergroup interactions, experiences of discrimination, and feelings of safety and belonging on campus in the context of the larger campus climate. Read more