From the Director

This issue of Constructs features two new reports. "All Together Separate: Race, Ethnicity, and Religion on the Brandeis Campus," being released today, is part of our research on antisemitism on campus.

All Together Separate
Race, Ethnicity, and Religion on the Brandeis Campus

"All Together Separate" examines Brandeis undergraduates' racial, ethnic, and religious identities; experiences of prejudice and discrimination; and attitudes about a number of contentious issues. The report is part of our program of research on the identities of Jewish students and their experiences of anti-Israel hostility on college campuses.
How the Study Evolved
All Together Separate: Race, Ethnicity, and Religion on the Brandeis Campus

The report that we released today about race, ethnicity, and religious life at Brandeis is not the study that we expected to publish. 

Nashville and Middle Tennessee Jewish Community Study

Our latest community study reveals that Nashville and Middle Tennessee are home to approximately 11,000 people living in Jewish households. This tight-knit community is comprised of highly involved individuals who participate in many aspects of Jewish life.

Quick Facts

The Jewish population in Nashville and Middle Tennessee is transient but stable; approximately the same number of residents move into the area as move away each year.
Over 89% of Jewish households in Nashville and Middle Tennessee have at least some involvement in Jewish communal life, and nearly half (47%) are moderately or highly engaged.

A Fond Farewell

It's time to bid a fond farewell to three research specialists----Ariel Stein, Sarah Meyer, and Viktoria Bedo----who are moving on to new adventures. Before they depart, we want to tell you a little more about them and what they have been up to.

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