Heart's Cry Children's Ministry
Thankful to God Almighty for all the
great things He has done
Praise the Lord.  He is worthy of all the praise.  Here are just a few of the things we are praising the Father for today...  please join us in Praise!

Adoption Law
I still can hardly believe it.  The new adoption law passed!!  God did a miracle.  I will continue to be in awe of His Hand in this, all the days of my life.  Thank you for praying with us and standing in the gap for these children. 

We now have the law translated into English.  Please click on the attached link, Law 46, in case you want to read the law.  This was a huge step in the fight for orphan rights in Panama.  And the Lord just did it, so simply and beautifully.  Praising Him still... excited to see these changes slowly starting to take effect.

Foster Care Law 
Law 46, the new adoption law, also includes a detailed foster care law, for the first time in Panama.  We are working closely with the government to start a pilot program for foster families under HCCM.  So many things to say, we will update more later... but an agreement is close to being signed by SENNIAF and HCCM that will detail this work.  We already have assisted 2 families to start this process.  What a miracle this is!!  Praising the Lord for this new project.  Humbling to see it come about... we will send a specific update about this soon. 
Orphan Software  
Remember this?  We worked for 2 years on it and have almost completed this project.  One of the final meetings occurred this week and we hope to have it wrapped up and implemented in the next few weeks.  This software has the capability of streamlining the work that the government and orphanages do for children in "the system."  Anxiously awaiting this development!   

Divine Providence House (DPH)
We are very busy in the remodeling phase (Phase I) of the special needs orphanage.  Too many things to say here, so please look for a following update to be sent out next week, specifically regarding  this project.  For now, wanted to praise the Lord that we are almost finished with construction of the elevator on the building, which is a GIANT undertaking and will allow children in wheelchairs to have access to all parts of the building!   
DPH new Elevator Shaft  for wheelchair -bound kids... Almost ready!
Our family
I want to take this opportunity to Praise the Lord for the additions to our family and the miracles He worked this year.  Isaac was born April 20th, such a miracle baby.  And Rosie's adoption was finalized a few weeks later, even though we were told that was impossible too.  All things are possible with God.  What miracles He has done. 

I praise the Lord for you, your life, your prayers, your support.  Thank you for continuing to walk with us through this journey.  The Lord has encouraged us greatly through your support.  He has used you to bring hope to the abandoned orphans in Panama.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.  Please continue to partner with us in the days ahead, as the Lord is doing a mighty work.    

Thankful for your continued support,

Matt and Misty Hedspeth 
Peter, Rosie & Isaac

2013 family photo