Heart's Cry Children's Ministry
Rosemary's a Hedspeth,
President Martinelli signs adoption law: July 17th,
& July Update

Rosemary's a Hedspeth! 
Standing in awe of Jesus, yet again.  Sweet, precious Rosemary is now officially and legally our daughter.  Yet another miracle.  We had the adoption hearing last month and the Judge finalized her adoption with Matt and I as her parents.  It was a scary road to get to this point.  For 1, 1/2 years we had no idea if she would be taken away, returned to the orphanage or a family member, or placed with another adoptive family.  But then finally her parental rights were terminated over 6 months ago, and then we were granted custody and allowed to adopt her based on her special medical needs (lung and hearing issues, which by they way, the Lord has miraculously been working to slowly heal her of over time!).  God is so good.  All the time.  What a blessing she is to us.  Such a joy.  Our precious baby girl.  Thank you all for praying her in to our home.  God has heard us all, yet again, and answered the prayers of His people.

God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing that God cannot do!  Speaking of this Truth, we also are thrilled to announce:

President Martinelli signs the new adoption law on July 17th!
Yesterday, it became official!  President Martinelli signed the new adoption law, Law 46 of July 17, 2013.  And now the changes will start to take effect.  Please join us today in PRAISING the Father of the Fatherless for causing this law to go all the way through the National Assembly, and then yesterday to be signed by President Martinelli!!!  See the attached article about the law change, which is in Spanish.  We are working to have the new law translated into English and will have it on our website soon. 

There are countless beautiful children trapped in the jaws of rejection and abuse that are about to be freed and adopted because the Lord has performed this miracle!  Remember that adoption is a picture of how we, as born again children of God, were adopted into His family and pulled out of our life of despair.  Satan is very angry that his orphanage domain is in jeopardy.  He hates adoption and tries to do anything to taint this Godly picture of redemption.  But remember, that Satan ALWAYS tucks his tail and runs when Jesus shows up......ALWAYS.  So pray for these forgotten children, with total confidence, against the powerless enemy in the mighty name of Jesus, and by the power of the Holy Spirit!!!  THEY NEED YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS!!!

happy girls  

Campbell Law Team Update
As you may recall, Campbell University School of Law sent a team down for Spring Break this year and it was an amazing success!  The Campbell Law Observer had an article dedicated to the team's trip to Panama and work with Heart's Cry Children's Ministry.  Please take a moment to check out this wonderful article, Children of Panama, with lots of great photo's of their time here and a touching account of what it meant to those who came.  What a humbling honor it was to work with these folks! 

Next team: PhotoGenX & Foster Care
Our next team arrived last week, another group from PhotoGenX.  We are privileged to be working for the 4th time with a team from PhotoGenX that has come down to Panama.  They are interested in assisting us with creating an awareness campaign for foster care here in Panama, where the country is not at all familiar with the concept.  Please pray for us and the team as we work on this great project together.  SENNIAF will be working hand in hand with us, and the team will hopefully be able to design many of the brochures and other paraphanalia in order to bring awareness in this country.   

Divine Providence House
Just to update you on this amazingly gigantic project to us :), we have completed 2 parts of the 3 step process in order to have building plans approved.  Once approved, we will move forward with some of the major remodeling that needs to occur in the building before children can come to stay there.  Matt is spending practically every waking minute thinking and planning for this orphanage that will focus on special needs.  Poco a poco, as they say in Panama.  Which means, little by little.  The Lord is moving this project forward in such exciting ways.  We will continue to keep you posted and hope to unveil our new website dedicated to this project here soon. 

Thankful for your continued support,

Matt and Misty Hedspeth