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Adoption Law Change: First Debate Continues, And Continues, and Continues...

Tomorrow is yet another meeting in the National Assembly as part of the First Debate.  They still have not voted on a single article.  There is an individual who is attempting to essentially create a filibuster by taking up the majority of the time and not allowing anything to proceed and who openly admits it.  This is not even a Legislator, but an individual who is friends with the Chairman of the Committee and thus the head Legislator is permitting the behavior to continue.  This person was involved with drafting the adoption law in 2008 and is utterly offended that anyone would dare amend it or update it.  I really like this individual, yet there is such a deception going on right now with this person and the Chairman.  I am asking Jesus to remove the blinders and allow them to see the positive effect this law change will make in the lives of so many precious ones.  Please join me in praying, specifically for these 2 individuals, but also for the other Legislators.  Please pray that tomorrow's meeting will be productive, as we are getting close to the time for vacation for the Legislators - during May and June they are out of session.  Also, 2014 is an election year, so you can imagine how the political climate is going to shift in the days ahead.  Thus, tomorrow's meeting is crucial to see if anything will be accomplished or if the draft will move forward to the next round of debates.   

As you may recall from my prior emails, the 2 big issues that are controversial and yet are imperative on the road to freeing children from a life of institutionalization here in Panama are:
  1. Limiting the biological family investigation to the biological parents and grandparents, and
  2. Allowing foster parents to adopt.   
Thank you for interceding for the children in Panama.  Who is standing in the gap for these little ones?  You are.  Thank you.  There is such power in prayer. 

Misty and Matt Hedspeth