Heart's Cry Children's Ministry
Pray for Peace


  There is a great deal of political and national turmoil happening in Panama right now due to a recent political situation.  All week there have been riots here and there, but today is the culmination in Panama City.  The whole city has been pretty much locked down and riots breaking out in an organized manner all over, but then they headed to the middle of the city.  Please pray for peace and order to resume.  We are in a safe area, but many are injured and several have died from the riots and subsequent looting.  It turned from a peaceful organized protest this morning into extremely dangerous for all here.  Nothing has happened like this since 1989.  In case you are interested, The Panama Guide has the latest information in English about the situation.  They are saying order should be reinstated soon, but please continue to pray.    

Thank you for your prayers for peace and order to return.




Misty and Matt