Fall 2015 Alumni Newsletter
The Future of the ELP

2016 Summer Certificate Course in
Sustainable Environmental Management
July 2 - July 22, 2016

The Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) of the College of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley provides state-of-the-art training in environmental and natural resources science, policy, and leadership to strengthen the capacities of environmental practitioners worldwide. Participants will benefit from a unique opportunity to interact with Berkeley faculty as well as their global peers to access new information and tools, share practical experiences, and develop collaborative leadership skills. The Beahrs ELP has graduated nearly 600 environmental leaders from over 110 different countries.

The 3-week certificate course on Sustainable Environmental 
Management offers a series of interdisciplinary workshops, facilitated by UC Berkeley faculty and non-academic experts from the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The curriculum is enhanced by field trips that showcase California's groundbreaking responses to diverse agricultural, natural resource, and urban environmental challenges.

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Spatial Data Science for Professionals

Dates: March 22-25, 2016


Global Strategies and Innovations in Agrifood Business: Emerging and Developed Markets

Dates: March 17-19, 2016

by Dean J. Keith Gilless

I was reminded of the power of the ELP to bring together diverse backgrounds and disparate minds- to solve global challenges that need every voice and insight that can be afforded to them. Committed to ELP's mission, Raymond Hurst documented the process of empowering the participants to speak up. Highlights from their speeches can be viewed in  this outstanding video.

The Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program is now accepting applications for the 2016 summer certificate course in Sustainable Environmental Management at the University of California, Berkeley.

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by David Zilberman 
As we look into the future, it is clear that the summer program will continue to be a core event of the IEP, but I expect to see several other events that will enrich the ELP family and benefit the world.

by Dick Beahrs
From the very beginning, our perspective was that it would take many years to really be able to evaluate how impactful the program could be. Because of all of your spectacular work, there is reason to be excited about what has been accomplished.

by Mio Katayama Owens 
Now more than ever, we need to prioritize global education, to connect thinkers and movers, and to inspire innovations in the face of critical changes to our natural and social environments.

by Susan Carpenter
Every summer, as a new group of ELPer's assembled for the three-week Berkeley program, I marveled at the amazing diversity of individuals in the class.

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