Powerful Campaign for Citizenship Actions with        Rep. George Miller in Richmond and Antioch          

Richmond and Concord 
With a powerful display of faith-based action Contra Costa interfaith (CCISCO) hosted U.S. House of Representatives member George Miller in two separate campaign for citizenship forums to discuss the immigration bill currently making its way through the United States Congress. 
With over 1000 people in attendance at the two forums one in Richmond and one in Concord community faith leaders, clergy, and local county and state officials joined Rep. Miller in making a strong call for a direct, affordable and fair path to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented people who today live in the shadows of the United States.
Representative Miller was strong in his support for immigration reform stating that, "To be here today with the faith community, with CCISCO, CLOUD, and my colleagues in elected office and all of you is really exciting, because without all of the work that you have done over the last couple of years we would not be here today thinking about the United States Senate opening the debate around immigration reform and creating a pathway to citizenship. This debate did not happen because of Washington, it happened because of millions of people across this country recognizing the injustice of the current system and the unfairness of the current system." 


During the forums many local faith leaders shared their stories of migration to the United States, and why they believe that the US Congress must act now to create a fair and affordable path to citizenship for all 11 million aspiring Americans. At the Concord forum, a local CCISCO leader Estefany Mendez shared her story saying that, "Like my family, there are many who immigrated to the Unites States in hope of a better life. We are here to work hard and give back to the country that has granted us religious, political and social freedom. In order to strengthen this country, we need an inclusive immigration reform that will grant us rights to live and work legally in the country."




In both forums Rep. Miller was asked about the cost of the application within the immigration bill, the potential exclusion of low income people from a pathway to citizenship and the recent vote in the House of Representatives lead by Republican Rep. King from Iowa that would defund President Obama's deferred action program for DREAMers. In response to these questions Rep. Miller stated his clear support in working with the community to make sure that the best bill makes its way through the House to create a fair and equitable bill that will address these key community concerns. 


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