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     STAGECOACHES, FARM WAGONS, HITCHWAGONS, ONE HORSE WAGONS and MORE No matter what type of horse-drawn vehicle you're looking for, we've most likely got it in stock and ready to drive-right now!
     We've got a bigger variety of In-stock Wagons on our website than ever before-from fixer-uppers to fully restored vehicles including a top-of-the-line Dakota Cowboy Chuckwagon, a Replica Henderson Mudwagon built by HWWS, a Studebaker Hitchwagon ideal for Draft Horse Shows and an original Army Escort Wagon. And, all at hard-to-beat prices.
     Between trips to pick up wagons to add to our inventory and attending summer events, this has been a fun, busy summer. Holly and I just recently returned from a trip to West Yellowstone for the NSFWA Conference-"1915: The Twilight of Stagecoaches in Yellowstone". Make sure to check out our Events Showcase where we share our experiences at this historic event.
Doug Hansen
Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop
Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop takes pride in the history and heritage of our country, which includes selling products made in the United States. You can be assured that all of our quality items with very few exceptions are made right here at home.

Replacement Wagon Wheel or Cannon Wheel Heavy hub and felloes along with 14-spoke design, makes this the perfect wheel for building a Civil War Cannon Carriage or using as Replacement Wheels on an original farm wagon.

Hinged Lid Solid Oak Water Barrel Crafted from solid oak staves, these quality barrels are made by a family-owned cooperage right here in the US. We have both 5-gallon and 15-gallon sizes available for use on Sheepwagons and Chuck Wagons.

Antique Dietz Lanterns We found it impossible to get new lanterns that were made here in the good old USA. Our solution-sell working antique lanterns from back before everything was imported. Plus, these original  lanterns are built better and have more historic appeal.

Schuttler Wagon Print
Printed on high-quality, heavy glossy paper, this historic art print measures 28" x 22". Frame not included.
This historic wagon seat has a wonderful patina with original paint and lettering. View other wagon seats.

Deadwood History and the Deadwood Historic Preservation Commission invite you to attend Deadwood Stagecoach Days at the Days of '76 Museum and Rodeo Grounds on Friday, July 10-11, 2015.  HWWS will be there, presenting historic stagecoach and wheelwrighting demonstrations.
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