HWWS customer, Dave Scott, completed the 1/2 scale cannon pictured above using our  Scale Cannon Wheels and Lynch Pin Axle. We like all the great details that he put into this authentic scale cannon, including ironwork and accessories. See more.
Cannon and military enthusiasts love these detailed plans. Schematic scale drawings allow you to reduce or enlarge dimensions to build the size cannon you want and still maintain all the proper proportions and specific details.
Our FAQs and Wagon History page offers information on the most popular horse-drawn vehicles. Click here for more information on Civil War Cannons.
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     A favorite project of our customers is building cannon carriages and limbers. To help with those cannon projects, we've put together the handy chart below to help select the wheels and axles that best suit your needs.
     Listed below our chart, we've highlighted the options for wheels and axles ranging from our custom replica wheels to our inexpensive display cannon wheels and axles. Feel free to call us at 605-996-8754 with questions. We'll help you match our products to your project. 
     Also, check out our detailed Cannon Plans and Military Wagon Plans.  
Doug Hansen
Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop

   Our 42, 48 and 57 Inch Extra Heavy Wagon & Cannon Wheels and 24, 30 and 36 Inch Scale Cannon Wheels have 14 spokes, heavy hub with 4 bands and appropriately sized felloes and tires. Whether building full size or scale, these wheels will give you the proper styling and strength for building a carriage or limber to suit your working cannon.    
   Our Lynch Pin Axles available in multiple sizes has traditional skein and boxing.

   We've added a new cannon wheel to our offering at a special introductory price of $199.95. Ideal for building display cannons, this 2" wide Cannon and Wagon Display Wheel comes in 30, 36, 40 and 48 inch diameters and has 12 spokes and a chunky hub with 4 metal bands. We also have 1" wide Decorative Wheels SALE PRICED at $78.95. These are available in 16, 20, 24, 30 and 36 inch diameters for lightweight cannons.
   Pair these with our inexpensive Standard Cannon Wheel Axle for heavier duty or Cannon Pipe Axles for lightweight applications to complete your project.
We've rebuilt and replicated cannon wheels from every era of history dating from the Revolutionary War models through those used for WWI. Whether the wheel is for a Veteran's Memorial or a display in a museum or park, our custom wheels replicate the exact specifications of the original design. View our Custom Wheel Showcase. Call Leah at 605-996-8754 for more information on Custom Cannon Wheels and Repair.