Issue: #1408
Stagecoaches book
Beautifully illustrated 336 page book by John A. Sells.
Stagecoaches Across the American West gives readers an accurate and comprehensive look at the exciting era of horse-drawn transportation in American history.

With more than 250 color photos and diagrams, Driving Horses covers all the bases-from different types of harnesses to step-by-step instructions on how to put on the harness.

Plans for the Abbot-Downing sightseeing coach used for touring in National Parks. 1/8" scale. 1 large sheet.
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Santa Barbara Stagecoach
     Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop has had the privilege of restoring many antique coaches with ties to the transportation history of the Western United States. Our team restored the heavy Mudwagon-Style Coach from the Banning California area (pictured top left) that is on display at the Gilman Wagon Museum. Cozad, Nebraska, is the proud home of the unique Tally-Ho Style Yellowstone Coach (pictured top right).  This is another antique restoration project we completed with ties to the history of our National Parks. We most recently completed the restoration on this beautiful Santa Barbara Mudwagon (pictured here) and shipped it out to California.
     This restored western-style stagecoach made its debut in the Fiesta Parade at Santa Barbara, California on August 1, 2014. Find out more in our HWWS blog.  
Doug Hansen
Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop
     This is a rare offering-an original Abbot Downing vehicle ready for restoration! This thorough brace gear is very solid and can be used for mud wagons, mountain wagons and Yellowstone coaches. Body with seats can be used "as is" or restored to look like the beautiful touring wagon shown in picture 2. (Leather thoroughbraces will need to be replaced.)
     Don't miss this rare opportunity to own a vehicle from the legendary stagecoach builder Abbot-Downing. 

Regular Price $22,000
Special Price $19,000
     Beautifully handcrafted brown antique leather harness includes two sets for team hitch with wood hames, traditional brass hardware, cockeye tug ends and buckle short tugs.
This harness design is dated "1880" making it ideal for the purist and for use on historic presentation and reenactments, it would also be appropriate for the chuck wagon cook-off competitions representing the 1880's. The buckle tug design was popular prior to the development of the modern plow/farm harness of the 1900's.