Detail of Restored John Deere Wagon
Issue: #1404
This beautifully illustrated book provides a history of the John Deere company and its vehicles along with information on running gears, brakes, axle skeins and dimensional specifications. A must have for John Deere enthusiasts.

Reproduction catalog of the Old Reliable Peter Schuttler Wagons, Made in Chicage since 1843 Catalogue No. 80. This 64 page book gives information about the various wagon models, specifications and styles. The basic dimensions of each wagon is listed along with the parts and components.
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Restored John Deere Wagon
     Our team of craftsmen at Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop just completed this beautiful John Deere Ironclad Wagon. This is an authentic replica of the original as it would have looked and functioned when it rolled off the factory floor. This restoration started with an original John Deere Ironclad running gear and extensive research into the original specifications. We enlisted the help of longtime friend and historian, David Sneed of Wheels That Won the West, to access his vast store of wagon archives to help us make sure all aspects of this wagon were historical accurate right down to the nine logos and hand painted decals. For more information on this restoration, read our HWWS blog
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Doug Hansen
Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop
We have many original running gears in stock, including McCormick-Deering, Peter Schuttler, Fish Brothers, International Harvester and Abbot-Downing. Finding an authentic Wagon Running Gear is the ideal place to start when planning to replicate an historic wagon. Let us help you get started!
The wagon seat is many times the final component needed to complete your wagon restoration. Whether you are looking for an antique wagon seat, a new authentic-style lazy back seat or want to build your own, we have what you need in our Seats & Hardware section on our online store. Call if you are looking for an antique seat from a specific wagon maker and we'll see if we can't locate one.