Wagon Bows and Canvas
Issue: #1403
Learn the history of the Sheepwagon from its origins to the stories of those who made it their home. Enjoy the historic photos and helpful illustrations in this 192 page book.
Author and historian, Tom Lindmier gives wagon aficionados and military historians a thorough look at the Four- and Six-Mule (and Horse) Wagons critical to the functioning of the American Army before motorization.
Conestoga Wagon Book
CONESTOGA WAGON-Masterpiece of the  Blacksmith
This informative book covers relevant topics such as: Origin of the Wagon, Development of the Conestoga Wagon Freighter, The Earliest Use of Conestoga Wagons in the Colonies and Construction of the Conestoga Wagon. Special focus is given to the artistry of the blacksmith in the building of the Conestoga Wagon. 
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Covered Wagons-Embrace the Westward Spirit!
    Nothing typifies the pioneering spirit and the migration west more than the covered wagon. Prairie Schooners got their nickname from 
Prairie Schooner Covered Wagon their white "sails" or canvas covers as they traveled across the prairie. Although this style of wagon may come to mind when someone says covered wagons, there are many different wagons that fall into this category. Any wagon with a canvas cover-such as the Army Wagon, Conestoga Wagon, Emigrant's Wagon or even the Sheepwagon-could be classified as a covered wagon. This past year, we custom built two "Prairie Schooners", each to be displayed at historic sites in California.
    In addition to historic sites, covered wagons make great displays for businesses, ranches and city visitor centers. These wagons attract attention and the cover provides the perfect "canvas" for advertising and signage.
     Just like the pioneers of old, you can convert a standard farm wagon or box wagon into a covered wagon for display. Simply use our Wagon Bows and Canvas Cover listed below. See SALE ITEMS below.
Doug Hansen  

Get ready for trail rides and parades with our  Canvas Wagon Covers. We now offer the option for Custom Signage on our canvas tops. This is ideal for promoting businesses, trail ride associations or re-enactment groups. Nothing draws attention like a horse-drawn vehicle and the canvas cover creates the perfect "billboard".
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Wagon Bows
  Now is the perfect time to add or replace bows on your wagon. We just received a new shipment of our sturdy 5/8" thick bows made of quality ash wood. Order a Set of 5 Bows bent to fit wagon box sizes from 36" to 45" and SAVE 10% through April 15th, 2014.
REGULAR $209.95  SALE $188.95
SAVE up to 20% on Replacement Wagon Wheels

Many customers call wanting to find out about fixing wheels on outdoor display wagons. To repair a wheel can be costly and it takes time. That's why we offer our exclusive Replacement Wood Wagon Wheels in 42" and 48" diameters. These are the ideal size for most farm wagons, covered wagons or display wagons and have the original heavy wood hubs for a very authentic look. Made of white oak and hickory, these wheels can be stained or painted to coordinate with your wagon box. Call us at 605-996-8754 to find out how we can set your boxing from your old wheel hubs into the new wheels to make installation easy. These wheels are not intended for trail use. Sale ends April 15th, 2014.
REGULAR $460 to $485  SALE $388.00