Issue: #1402
Great reference for anyone working their horses.
The Work Horse Handbook covers the mechanics of the horse in harness, harnessing, hitching horses, getting work done with horses and many more essential topics.

is the best way to avoid costly wheel repairs. Our wheelwright, Tim Hoffman, uses both a hot and cold set method to tighten the tires on your wood spoke wheels. If the wood components of your wheel dry out and "shrink", your metal tire or channel will become loose. This in turn allows movement of the wheel components and the movement creates "wear".
If your wheels have metal tires, a simple test is to hit the metal with a hammer. If this creates a ringing sound, your tires are probably tight. A flat or "dead" sound indicates your tires need to be tightened. Call 605-996-8754 for more information.
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Trail Rides-A Great Nostalgic Pastime!
    Each year we find that more people are discovering the joys of recreation that harkens back to "the Horse-Drawn Era." If you are interested in getting started "pleasure driving" with a single horse or team, we've got what you need to hit the open trail, including In Stock Wagons, Hitch Equipment, Harness and Wagon Parts
    We can help you select the proper wagon and equipment to suit the type of driving you want to do. Wagons are ideal as a support vehicle on longer rides and offer a new experience in addition to "riding horseback".
Doug Hansen  

P.S. This year promises some great trail events including the wagon train to celebrate South Dakota's 125th Birthday, on the Historic Yankton to Pierre Trail 2014. The wagon train will commence on September 4, 2014 at the territorial capital of Yankton, SD and will arrive in the State Capital of Pierre, SD on September 20, 2014. For more information contact Gerald Kessler, 20429 SD Hwy 1806, Ft. Pierre, SD 57532.

Shafts available in double bend (shown above), drop heel and straight heel (call us at 605-996-8754 for more information).
An important aspect of safely driving your wagon is making sure you have the proper hitch equipment and that it is in solid condition. We offer shafts for "one horse" and poles for "teams" in a variety of options. Whether you need to replace the "wood only" on your hitch equipment or need a complete shaft or pole assembly, we have what you need in stock. Our wood components are steam bent from solid hickory and our hardware is hand-forged. All of our kit components are "rough fit", but will require additional fitting at time of assembly. Both shafts and poles can also be purchased completely assembled.

Harness is available for single horse, draft or light teams as well as 4-Up and 6-Up (call for more information).
Trail rides and "pleasure driving" are great fun for family and friends, however, it also provides an opportunity to give horses the exercise they need to stay healthy and content. It is important to make sure that your harness and especially the collar fits your horse or horses properly. This will ensure they will not tire as quickly and, more importantly, that the harness and collars will not create sores. We carry a selection of harness and collars for different applications and will be happy to work with you to provide you the best option for your horse and for your intended use.