Don't Miss Out in 2014
   We've got a lot to look forward to in 2014 here at Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop. And, we'll make sure to keep you up to date on what's going on at our shop and in the world of horse-drawn vehicles this coming year through our monthly newsletter.
Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop CALENDAR 2014
    What's ahead? We're planning on adding more items to our website, making it easier for you to get the parts, supplies and accessories you need to keep you comfortable out on the trails this year. See some of our new items below.
    We also have some great historic wagons that we are scheduled to build, along with many restorations. We'll be highlighting these in the newsletter as they come through the shop.
    Plus, there are many events you won't want to miss out on this year. We'll be getting you details on these events as they are finalized. Be sure to contact us with information on events that you are aware of, and we'll try to get them posted on our blog and/or FACEBOOK page. One of the first events on my calendar for the year is the Fourth CAA/CWF International Carriage Symposium on February 19-22. For more details click here.
    If you need a handy place to keep track of everything going on, make sure to get our 2014 Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop Calendar. Purchase before January 31st. This will be our final offering of the 2014 Calendar at a reduced price of $11.95.
Doug Hansen
NEW Products for January 2014!
These old style axles with lynch pins work well with our Scale Cannon Wheels to build an economical cannon carriage. Plus, we'll set the boxing from the axle into the Scale Cannon Hubs for Free.
We've had such great response to our cannon plans, we've added another model of Prairie Carriage. These plans are very detailed offering a wealth of information for the builder.
Quality biothane driving lines with stainless steel buckle, available in 3/4" and 1" widths, are "easy care" for years of pleasure driving use.
As low as $69.95
These authentic-style brake shoe holders were cast using an original antique as a pattern. Utilizing the same methods to cast these wagon parts as during the 1800's, these replacement parts are a must when authenticity is important.
We've added this hand forged reproduction of an historic pole cap from a Peter Schuttler wagon to our product offering. Just one more way you can make sure your wagon is restored to its original glory.
Here is the second volume of this informative series Wheels Across America. Add this book to your reference library. It contains over 200 images and photos of carriages, coaches, buggies, wagons and vehicles of all description.
Website Sales
If you're looking for quality products at a discounted price, be sure to check out our SALES & CLEARANCE section. You'll find some great deals on items that we're discontinuing or reducing our inventory. Also, check out our wagons that we've discounted for quick sale (highlighted in our SALES section.)