August 2014 

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We'll find a way to better health, together. Moda Health, in partnership with your organization, aims to promote healthy lifestyle choices and encourage you to make the most of your healthcare benefits. The journey to health is a lifelong journey. It's all about simple, everyday steps -- becoming more involved in your health, taking more accountability for making knowledgeable healthcare decisions and pursuing a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  

Take a shot at diseases 

It's easy to take for granted the benefits we get from immunizations (also called vaccines or shots). Most parents today haven't seen how diseases like polio, pertussis (whooping cough) or measles can hurt a family or community. That's because most children in the U.S. get their shots on schedule.


Since August is National Immunization Awareness Month, take a moment to think about the important role vaccines play in keeping kids healthy. Many diseases these shots fight are still common in other countries. And, sometimes outbreaks even happen in the U.S.

Protect your family by knowing which vaccines to get, and when. Just talk to your doctor or nurse to learn more.

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How to shop healthy

Did you know that the healthiest and freshest foods are near the edges of the grocery store? We call this "shopping the perimeter." It can help save you calories - and money - through a healthy and diverse diet.


Fresh produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables have lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals. For an 1,800-calorie diet, you need four cups of fruits and vegetables each day. The more color in your basket, the better - go for dark greens, oranges, reds and purples.



Look for whole-grain products in the store's bakery. You'll get lots of fiber and other nutrients. Choose foods that have "whole grain" or "whole wheat" in the ingredient list.



Stop at the butcher counter for fresh beef, chicken, pork and fish. Choose lean or low-fat meat and poultry to cut saturated fat. Favor fish, which has healthy fats. Eggs and tofu are packed with protein, too.



Grab low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese in the dairy section. You'll get calcium, potassium and vitamin D. Just pick products without added sugars. 


Say "Hello" to Momentum, your healthy living dashboard

Ready to feel your best? Of course you are! We've made it easier for you to take charge of your health - and see your progress.


It's all possible with Momentum, powered by Moda Health. This fun, new healthy living dashboard launched in July and replaces WorldDoc. With Momentum, you get better tools for a better you.

To get started, just log in to myModa at and look for Momentum to:

  • Take a health assessment and see your "health age"
  • Use healthy lifestyle apps, like Weight Tracker and Blood Pressure Tracker
  • Research conditions and medications
  • Set goals and track progress
  • Create a Family Health Record
  • Find health content and resources
Give Momentum a spin. Your way to wellness will never be the same!  


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