December 2013 

We'll find a way to better health, together. Moda Health, in partnership with OEBB, aims to promote healthy lifestyle choices and encourage you to make the most of your healthcare benefits. The journey to health is a lifelong journey. It's all about simple, everyday steps -- becoming more involved in your health, taking more accountability for making knowledgeable healthcare decisions and pursuing a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  

What is a medical home? 


You've probably heard the term "medical home." This is a group of primary care clinics that coordinate your care so you feel your best. These providers have met high standards to become part of the state Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) Program. To qualify as a medical home for Moda Health, a clinic must be a recognized PCPCH and also be an ODS Plus Network contracted provider.


There are some great reasons to see a Moda Health medical home provider for primary and incentive care. If you're on plans A-G, you'll just have a copay and your deductible will be waived. You'll also enjoy faster, better access to care from providers who work together to keep you healthy. There are more than 350 clinics statewide already. More clinics will join as they meet PCPCH standards.


How to find a Moda Health medical home:


1) If you do not have a doctor, you can easily find a clinic. Just go to, click "I'm a member," then click "Medical home." You can then search by county.


2) If you already have a primary care doctor, you can see whether he or she is a medical home provider. Just use our "Find Care" provider search and look for the "Medical Home" icon.

Lab benefits you'll love

We're here to help you get well sooner and live well longer. One way we do that is by partnering with other leaders in healthcare to bring you the best services - at no cost to you.


If your doctor orders a lab test, nothing should stand between you and the answers you need. As an OEBB member, you can save time and money with Quest Diagnostics.


Two ways to use Quest Diagnostics:


When you need lab services, using Quest Diagnostics is easy. Your provider will get results quickly. And, best of all, you won't have a copay for covered lab services. For most members, the deductible is waived, too.* Here's how to do it:


 1. Go to a Quest Diagnostics lab. You can find one and make an appointment at, or by calling 888-277-8772.


2. Ask your doctor to send your sample to Quest Diagnostics or have Quest pick up the sample for free.


For more information, just call Quest Diagnostics at 866-MY-QUEST (866-697-8378). Here's to your health!


*OEBB HSA Plan H members must first meet their deductible before Quest Diagnostics lab services will be covered in full.


Text your way to better diabetes care

Dealing with diabetes can be tough. Care4life makes managing it just a little bit easier. This program is free for Moda Health members with type 2 diabetes. Ready to feel better? Sign up now for personalized text messages that help you:

  • Remember to take medication and go to appointments
  • Eat healthy with nutrition tips and recipes
  • Set weight and exercise goals
  • Track blood glucose levels

Care4life messages are specific to you and sent right to your cell phone. It's easy!


Sign up by calling 866-418-8713 and entering the code "Moda." You can also go to Click "Sign up here!" to complete the form. Don't forget to enter the code "Moda."


Better health is in your hands!

Find Care in a snap


Looking for a provider? Locate one with Find Care. Simply go to and click "Find Care." Then search for a doctor, dentist, pharmacy or clinic near you.


To make sure you see only preferred providers in your search results, have your Moda Health member ID card handy and enter your subscriber ID.


Find Care lets you search by location, specialty, gender and even language. Smartphone users can use a mobile version of Find Care. Just search for the Moda Health mobile app in your app store (iPhone or Android), or type into your mobile browser.

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