January/February 2013 

ODS EAP supports members with stress-related issues


ODS Health now offers the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefit that is integrated with the medical plan. Offered as an additional service, your employees can now have access to confidential face-to-face, phone and online counseling to help them manage stress, work-related conflicts or other life stressors that may be affecting their productivity.


ODS EAP benefits assist members and eligible family members with a variety of concerns they may have, including:

  • Relationship problems
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Community resources
  • Crisis counseling
  • Identity theft support
  • Financial consolations

To learn more about how your employees can add EAP services to support life's many challenges, call your ODS Health sales representative today.

ODS Health fosters a healthier, more engaged workforce

People who actively engage in their health can improve their overall quality of life. That's why ODS Health now offers Health Engagement Plans (HEP) to larger groups with 100 or more employees that foster a healthier, more engaged workforce. Offered as a plan option and designed to meet your employees' unique needs, our HEP solution helps establish actionable incentives and promotes employee participation in health improvement. By rewarding and tracking member participation in health-related activities, we can help your employees achieve:
  • Greater health awareness and engagement
  • More informed decision making
  • Optimal levels of prevention and self-care
  • Lower absenteeism and higher attendance rates

To learn more about how to add or incorporate a HEP plan, please contact your ODS Health sales representative today.

Let ODS help you launch a heart health program


February is heart month, and ODS Health can help you launch healthy heart campaigns. We provide an assortment of customizable promotional materials to get your employee wellness programs running in a heartbeat.


Check out our February Well@work Activity Calendar, which gives you access to an instructional guide, informative articles, and flyer and poster templates that help educate your employees about heart health and cardiac care. If you are interested in motivating your employees to become more active, you now have access to valuable tools and resources to help them lower their risk of developing heart disease or prevent risk factors for those who already have heart disease.

Let eBill make paying premiums fast and easy

Simplify your ODS billing process by signing up for our new electronic billing (eBill) services today. With eBill, you can streamline billing tasks online, enabling you to access all employee account information with just a few clicks. In addition to reducing paper waste, eBill makes healthcare administration faster and easier for you through:

  • Email notifications when each bill is ready
  • Email notifications before bills are due
  • The ability to set up payment method and recurring payments

How to access eBill

Non-Employer Online Services (EOS) groups

  • If you do not already have an EOS account with ODS, complete and submit the online services agreement.
  • Once approved, ODS will email you a user name and password.
  • Access eBill by clicking on eBill in the "Employer Web Tools" box on the ODS employer web page.

 Employer Online Services (EOS) groups

  • Complete and submit the new online services agreement.
  • An ODS Web Administrator will activate eBill in your EOS account.
  • Log in to EOS and begin paying your premiums online.

If you have questions about ODS eBill, please contact your ODS sales and services team representative.

9 things to ask your doctor to achieve heart health


As you age, asking your doctor questions relating to heart health is one of the best ways to learn how you can improve your health the other 99 percent of the time you are not at the doctor's office. To make you get to the heart of the matter at your next visit, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recommends asking your doctor during your next visit:

  1. What is my risk for heart disease?
  2. What does my blood pressure mean for me, and what can I do to improve it?
  3. What do my cholesterol numbers mean for me, and how can I improve them?
  4. Do I need to lose weight?
  5. Based on my blood sugar level, am I at risk for diabetes?
  6. Do I need to take any other heart disease tests?
  7. What kind of physical activities can I do to protect my heart?
  8. Should I see a registered dietitian about eating healthier?
  9. For smokers: What can you do to help me quit smoking?

Not all plans have access to all resources or tools referenced in this newsletter. Please refer to your Member Handbook, or call your ODS Sales and Account Services Representative for plan-specific information.

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The ODA wants you to get your "brushy" on


Can flossing be as cool as hip hop? The Oregon Dental Association certainly thinks so. The ODA's fun and flashy viral video, Teach Me How To Brushy is part of a public service campaign that communicates the importance of establishing healthy dental habits at an early age.

Check out the fun, hip video on YouTube and learn why over 700,000 viewers (and counting) are getting their brushy on.

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