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KLMP Monthly News - January 2014

Imagine seeing the children with bare feet and tattered clothing but a smile from ear to ear as you and the team drive up in the morning for a day of fun, joy and laughter. These children desire to be loved and cared for, they desire your attention. You can be that person who shows them love; you can show them that they are worth it, that they matter, and bring them hope that they will remember for a lifetime.


In the small, poor community of Punal there is a Child Development Center that is awaiting your arrival. This center relies on inspiration from Judges 15:19, a place of strength and revival. The vision for your team is to complete construction on a third floor classroom which will provide skill and vocational training to the older children at the center. The lack of funds, time, and a labor force has hindered this project from developing to its fullest.  


Prior to your arrival, the walls and roof will be built and your job will be to provide the final touches. These tasks may include plastering, sanding, painting and decorating the cinder block walls. Along with doing construction, you'll engage the children in VBS for one or two days. The children will cling to your side as you play a game of soccer, sing songs next to them, and lead them in a Bible lesson. Your presence, energy, and love will leave a lasting impact on each one of the children. Toward the end of your time in the DR, you'll take a day trip to one of the beautiful Dominican beaches to enjoy a day of sunshine and the gorgeous turquoise Caribbean ocean.


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Christmas Wish 2014 


So how did Christmas Wish go this year?!?! AMAZINGLY!!! God is sooo good! We started out with only 4 wishes that we were going to try to grant and the giving was slow-coming...then God did some amazing things through YOU the Listeners! Because of last-minute generosity, KLMP was able to bless not only those original 4 wishes BUT 3 more that were on the "back-burner"!!! Go to the Christmas Wish page at for all of the stories and to hear how the Nominees reacted to receiving their blessings!!! THANK YOU ALL!!! Hallelujah!

New Year's Devotional by Scott Walker


So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalm 90:12


Last night I stopped at a restaurant for dinner. I was alone and brought my datebook to plan for the next day. After ordering, I gazed at the datebook and realized that this year was almost over. I flipped slowly through the pages of past days and weeks and reviewed the last twelve months.


I was amazed to discover all that can happen in a year: I had accepted a new professional position and moved from Texas to Georgia. Beth and I had witnessed the wedding vows of our first child Drew and welcomed our daughter-in-law Katie Alice into our family. Our son Luke had entered the insurance industry, and our daughter Jodi had graduated from Furman University. Somewhere in the middle of all this, I counseled with dozens of students, preached sermons, conducted funerals and wrote a book. These were just the major events; most of my hours were spent in the routines of living: sleeping, eating, exercise, repairing my car, mowing the lawn, preparing our income tax returns, going to movies, and all the other unremarkable events that fill everyone's days and nights.


As my food arrived, I realized that the real question confronting me wasn't, How did I spend last year? but How will I spend the next? How will I use the most precious of God's gift-life and time?


I can make long lists of things to accomplish and commit myself to New Year's resolutions. But I really need to do only two things: Love God with all that I am, and love my neighbor as much as I love myself. This is all that really matters.


Lord, keep me from seeing my days as something I own but rather as a gift that comes from You.


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Have a Happy New Year, Friends!


God's blessings on each of you!


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