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KLMP Monthly News - August 2013

Hope For the Broken World is coming to the KLMP Website!


I have been hearing from many Listeners about how depressing it is to listen to the News...and I agree. There is so much "bad" that is reported that we don't hear about the "good" anymore-or so it seems. So a new publication is going to be on our website starting Monday, August 4th that only reports "good" news. An online newsletter so-to-speak called Hope for the Broken World (taken from the SELAH song).


It will be updated weekly and like I stated, will report encouraging, positive, inspiring stories to keep us reminded that GOD IS GOOD. And He rules our future. And He is bigger than our circumstances and our fears. He is the Hope for our broken world and I believe we all could use reminding of that fact. So check out the newest publication on and step away from the computer hopefully feeling better about life.   


~Katie Goings


Another July has passed by and another Hills Alive is over...God sure did amazing work this year, as He does every year. Through every "storm" we encountered, the Lord blessed the Ministry in such wonderful ways.

To see God at work in people IS the highlight of HA2013 for me: volunteers and even attendees, ushering people to safety during the hail storm and helping vendors lower their tents; Big Daddy Weave having numerous flight issues and still making it to Hills Alive hours before performing and keeping a super-positive attitude; strangers gathering around a woman having a panic attack and giving her comfort; Pastor McLaughlin constantly cleaning up the garbage and mud-puddles in the Park in good-spirits!


All that can be said is: AMEN!


Thank you Listeners for your prayers, your financial support, your help at the Park and for being a good example to those around you at Hills Alive.




Take the Survey and let us know what your Hills Alive 2013 experience was like. Your "God Moments", stresses, recommendations for next year, everything! Help us plan HA2014 by giving us your opinion at


BLESSED! But still a little short....

Many people answered the calling on their hearts by the Lord to give financially to Hills Alive 2013. And God's Ministry was blessed by that! Just an FYI, we are currently $5000 short of our goal to have all expenses covered for this year's Festival. If you are called to give, please pray and then go to:


If you lost something at Hills Alive, feel free to call us so that we can check our Lost & Found Box and see if we have it here! 605.342.6822


Excerpt from Battlefield of the Mind (Faith Words) by Joyce Meyer


"Because our battle with the enemy begins in our thoughts, God has given us powerful Spiritual Weapons with which we can protect ourselves. Our most powerful weapon is His Word. We can pray the Word, speak the Word, sing the Word and study the Word. Even Jesus used the weapon of The Word in the wilderness to defeat the devil. (Lk 4:1-3) Each time the devil lied to Him, Jesus responded with, "It is written..." and quoted him the Word.


Two other Spiritual Weapons available to us are prayer and praise. Prayer enables us to draw close to God and be completely open with Him. Prayer is fellowship, friendship, and an opportunity to express gratitude for all He is and does. If you want to have an effective prayer life, develop a good personal relationship with the Father. Know that He loves you, that He is full of mercy and grace. Get to know His son Jesus, who loves you so much He died for you. He is with you all the time. Let Him help you. And when you praise Him, praise Him from your heart."


Hills Alive 2013 Highlights


"I really enjoyed being able to experience such a powerful fellowship with individuals who all have their own unique story to tell..."


"The stories and testimonies from the Artists really had an affect on me..."


"Hearing our Lord's Name echoed from the Hills..."


"Hearing the testimonies of the Artists and the inspiring music opened my heart to the Holy Spirit and the  things He wanted me to face in my life..."


"Hard to say, I loved it ALL!..."


Our Mission:

To impact people for Christ and equip them to put their faith into action.


Our Vision:
We exist to impact lives on a local, regional, national and international level, by challenging ourselves and others to change the world in which we live.
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