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KLMP Monthly News - June 2013

Hills Alive 2013 - July 19-21 - Rapid City 


HILLS ALIVE 2013 is coming up fast! We are blessed to be involved with this yearly event where lives are being touched: by the Truth of God's Word, inspirational musicians & speakers, times of prayer & fellowship and even more. But...


We Need Volunteers!!

Hills Alive doesn't work without YOU. So go to the website and pick an area and a time period that would fit your gifts. Do it as a family, a group, a Bible study!


Become a Hills Alive Member! 

It takes a LOT of people and businesses to keep Hills Alive going strong every year. The truth is, without financial support from Hills Alive Members, this annual event couldn't be offered ticket-free to the masses. If you would like to personally be involved in the growth and ministry of Hills Alive, consider becoming a Hills Alive Member. Any person or business who donates $1000 or more automatically becomes a "member" and will be recognized as such and receive a priority pass in the autograph line and a Hills Alive commemorative t-shirt. Pray about this and if you feel the Lord's calling on you, either go to or call 605.342.6822.



We want to give a special THANK YOU to our 2013 Hills Alive Corporate Sponsors; because without them, we wouldn't be able to be a part of this life-changing ministry:



Dakota Trailways

Diamond Roofing

Loftus Dental

Mt Rushmore Telephone Co.

Time Equipment Rental & Sales



A.S.A.P. Roofing         

Black Hills Power

Blakeman Propane            

Fuller Construction

Grandstay Residential Suites Hotel

Jack's Campers  

Metroplains Management

Meyer & Dana Orthodontics

Simpson's Printing



Al Sutton Electric

All Metal Manufacturing

Amann & Graslie Family Dentistry        

Black Hills Urgent Care

Cambria Supply    


Culvers of Rapid City - Guy & Carol Mann

Dan's Dumpster Service    

First Interstate Bank  

Hart Ranch Golf Course

The Clock Shop (Main St Artist Showcase Sponsor)

Vacation Bible School Time 


Vacation Bible School season is upon us once again! Please email your VBS information to: to get it on our website!

And if you are looking for a Vacation Bible School in your area or at a certain time this summer, please visit the VBS listing page on our website:

The Word For You Today Devotional 


"Responding to Failure"


You can tell a lot about somebody by how they respond to life. Everybody gets knocked down, but how fast you get up again is what counts. Verla Gillmor says: "Failure teaches us things that we can't learn any other way...Treat it as a visitor allowed to deliver unpleasant news, but don't let it take up residence. Remember, all failures aren't equal. For example, when a beautiful, talented young woman is first-runner-up in the Miss America Pageant, we say she failed. Yet some people would give their right arm to be named the second most attractive female in a national competition. It's a matter of perspective... [examine] your failures and weight them according to their importance in the overall scheme of things...

I once received a "D" in's ridiculous, but that sticks in my mind like a pebble in my shoe. Why do I fixate on that and not the fact that it happened the semester I carried 19 credit hours, worked part-time, got engaged, and spent six weeks in the college health center with mono? When I put the experience in context, it loses its power to undermine my confidence. Failure teaches us what's important. I've a friend who was downsized out of a job...It caught her by surprise because she was good at her work. 'I tended to be full of pride,' she says. 'I got away with it because I was so successful. Losing my job...humbled me. With pride you have no permission to fail. It's a heavy yoke...and I don't wear it any more. I feel lighter in my spirit without the burden of having to be perfect.'"


Welcome to the BCB Family, our new Office Manager, Danielle Gorecki. The next time you call or stop in, make sure to greet this lovely woman of God!




HA2013 Artist Interviews!



Every Monday in June at 7:30am during the Morning Show, listen to Hills Alive 2013 artist interviews! For the full schedule, go to

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To impact people for Christ and equip them to put their faith into action.


Our Vision:
We exist to impact lives on a local, regional, national and international level, by challenging ourselves and others to change the world in which we live.
Acts 1-8
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If your church or non-profit organization has an event or fundraiser coming up, submit your information via our Community Calendar on Please remember to give us at least 2-3 weeks notice prior to your event. If you are interested in having a 30sec PSA run on-air please contact Katie Goings at 605.342.6822.

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