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KLMP Monthly News ~ January 2013

Come to the Dominican Republic in 2013 with KLMP!  




Mission Trip: Dominican Republic June 6-16, 2013.


In the northern city of Santiago, Dominican Republic, there is a place where One Child Matters children gather to hear about the Word of God and be transformed by the message of salvation. These children live in a community where poverty and a need for God has left most inhabitants hopeless about their future. The local pastor, whose passion is to bring the gospel and hope, and his small congregation are working hard alongside One Child Matters to bring change to the community. The journey however, has not been easy.


Dwindling funds, unfinished construction, and tropical rains have forced the congregation, as well as the One Child Matters children's ministry, to meet in whatever location they can find. Without proper shelter, families of the children are beginning to show signs of concern and even impatience. As a response, One Child Matters has agreed to provide temporary shelters while two teams are recruited to repair and complete permanent facilities during mission trips in June and July. And that is where you come in.


We need you and 39 fellow believers to join us on June 6th - 16th as we travel to the Caribbean to save this ministry and encourage this little church. The leaders and staff at this project have prayed for years for completion of their facilities. And YOU are going to be the answer to their prayers.


Along the way we will worship together, spend a day at the beach, meet some lifelong friends, and have lots of fun. One Child Matters is teaming up with KSLT, KLMP, and The Point as we do every year to bring you this opportunity. Don't let this be the year you let another excuse get in the way. Now is the time. Be the arms and feet of Jesus and join us as we help this community in need.


For more information, visit DR Trip Page or call 605.342.6822.


Update on the Christmas Wish 2012   


Our God is an awesome God and He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom, power and love! Our God is an Awesome God!!

This year we had 4 local families that were nominated for the Christmas Wish and 1 family that the Lord brought to us from the east coast!

For a family that needed a bathroom remodeled one of our listeners donated a brand new bathtub. For another family that is overwhelmed with medical issues and costs a $600 Visa gift card was donated and gifts for each family member! Gift cards for groceries and encouraging books and CDs were gifted to two more families struggling with paying off debts. Our friends from afar needed their spirits lifted this Christmas season so some Veggie Tales gifts were in order ad well as Laura Story's "What If Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops" devotional book. You can see the Christmas Wish results on our website:

So, thank you to everyone involved in praying for and gifting our Christmas Wish families this year. The hope and love that these families now feel because of your generosity can never be fully measured by a phone call or a thank you card, just please know that however you were involved in the Christmas Wish, you were used by the Lord. What greater reward on earth is there?! May the Lord pour down His blessings on you this new year! ~Katie G.

The Word For You Today Devotional 

Shrink Your Fears


Mary had been married to John for 30 years and John had always taken care of things. Her greatest fear was being left alone and having to make decisions. One day, John became ill and Mary was placed in the position of caring for him, plus having to make all the decisions for them both. It was nerve-racking at first. But once she put her trust in God and decided to take charge, she made an interesting discovery: security doesn't lie in having things, but in handling them! She found that facing her fears was easy compared to the years she'd spent feeling inadequate, helpless, and dependent. Facing your fears is always easier than living with helplessness. In fact, when you let fear stop you, you end up living with feelings of dread and helplessness that are a hundred times worse than if you had just faced your fears and moved forward. Saying you believe in yourself and the God who lives within you may not guarantee your success, but saying you don't will guarantee your failure.

Hills Alive 2013 Lineup Announcement


Listen to 88.3 KLMP the Light on January 24th for the BIG Hills Alive 2013 reveal of who is going to be performing this year!

My Golden Valentine


My Golden Valentine

We are gearing up for another blessed time of Valentine-giving and sharing the love of God in just a few weeks! We could use volunteers to help us sort out Valentines and assign them throughout the Black Hills. Call Jamie Knapp: 605.342.6822.



"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man."


Benjamin Franklin


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Call our Sales Team to talk about getting your church service streamed LIVE onto the KLMP website. So many more people can learn about your church and about the Lord each weekend! Call 605.342.6822.

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